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About our Projects

Our "projects" are just that: enterprises designed to achieve goals. Each project we undertake seeks to accelerate change in education, research, policy, and public debate. Projects support new research and ideas, build communities around project topics, and connect research to policy and public debate. 

Networks, Platforms, and Utilities

The Project on Networks, Platforms, and Utilities (NPUs) aims to reinvigorate this field of study in law schools, encourage research on the regulation of NPUs, and develop policy proposals to improve NPU governance. Many pressing challenges in public policy stem from NPUs including supply chain issues in railroads, airline flight cancellations, broadband internet access, electric grid crashes, the emergence of nonbank money, and anticompetitive practices on tech platforms.

Industrial Policy and Economic Security

The Project on Industrial Policy and Economic Security (IPES) aims to advance research and policy on supply chain disruptions, domestic production, trade wars, economic sanctions, and state capacity.

Public Options

Public options — publicly provided goods and services that coexist with market options — can expand access, enhance competition, and increase opportunity. The Project on Public Options seeks to advance research and policy design of public options.

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