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Vanderbilt Collaboration Project

Connecting Law with Lives™ - through Interdisciplinary Professional Education & Correlating Community Outreach

Because law impacts lives - personally and professionally™ - the Vanderbilt Collaboration Project (VCP) transcends traditional CLE programs to offer enhanced professional learning experiences that translate directly into real-world application.

Our mission is to promote interdisciplinary knowledge, collaboration, and community outreach at the national, state, and local levels. VCP's uniquely "horizontal" approach enhances connections across distinct professions serving the same clients and empowers corresponding outreach.

VCP provides multi-state, accredited continuing education directed to a variety of credentialed professionals. Our continuing professional and executive education programs feature interdisciplinary courses with professionally segmented or integrated classes (accountants learning alongside mediators, for example).

VCP courses are accredited for most if not all of the following CE categories:

Legal: Judges, Lawyers and ADR Professionals

  • CJE - Continuing Judicial Education
  • CLE - Continuing Legal Education
  • CME - Continuing Mediation Education

Financial: Banking/Mortgage, Accounting & Financial Advising/Planning

  • CFP - Certified Financial Planning
  • CPE - Continuing Professional Education (CPAs)
  • NMLS - National Mortgage Licensing System

Real Estate-Related:

  • CE - Continuing Education

- Appraisal

- Home Inspection

- Insurance

- Real Estate Sales

- Title & Title Insurance

VCP continuing professional education courses are available in multiple delivery formats: live, live webinar/teleconference, and on demand.


Connecting Continuing Education with Community Outreach

To further the mission of Vanderbilt University - including dissemination of knowledge through teaching and outreach and creative experimentation [with] ideas and concepts - VCP offers interdisciplinary professional curriculum (law impacting you professionally through business, clients and/or ethics) with corresponding community outreach (law impacting you personally).

For professionals, our interdisciplinary curriculum and integrated classes foster niche networking, reciprocal referrals, and community outreach through “social capitalism,” essential professional services that help clients and compensate needed providers.

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