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Promoting Competition in Federal AI Procurement

As federal agencies take advantage of the latest technology to better serve the public, significant concentration in the AI sector means that government contracts risk further entrenching dominant firms—leading to less competition, innovation, and efficiency in procurement.

In a new paper, VPA offers policy solutions for promoting competition in federal AI procurement, and how to implement them.

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The Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator for Political Economy and Regulation (VPA) focuses on a small number of cutting-edge topics in political economy and regulation. We bring research, education, and policy proposals in these areas from infancy to maturity and periphery to centrality. We operate at a pace that aligns with the urgency of today's challenges. 

We are currently in the midst of a political economy revolution. From antitrust to trade, swift changes are taking place that are reshaping how policymakers and the general public think about economic policy. These changes create an opportunity to advance new paradigms, research, and policy ideas.


NPU Tabbed Networks, Platforms, and Utilities

Many pressing challenges in public policy stem from Networks, Platforms, and Utilities (NPUs), including supply chain issues in railroads, airline flight cancellations, broadband internet access, electric grid crashes, the emergence of nonbank money, and anticompetitive practices on tech platforms.

The Project on Networks, Platforms, and Utilities aims to reinvigorate this field of study in law schools, encourage research on the regulation of NPUs, and develop policy proposals to improve NPU governance.

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