Joint Degree Programs

Vanderbilt Law School offers a range of joint-degree programs in conjunction with other graduate schools at Vanderbilt University. Joint-degree programs require that prospective students apply separately to and be admitted to each school independently, and financial aid is awarded and administered by each school separately. The exception to that rule is Law & Economics, which has a unified admission process and where students receive full fellowship support covering full tuition and stipend for both degrees.



J.D. / Ph.D. Law and Economics - Law & Economics Program

The joint-degree program is designed to be completed in six years. Students pursue a Ph.D. in law and economics and a J.D. concurrently in a fully integrated law and economics curriculum and are fully funded by a competitive package of full fellowship support covering full tuition and stipend for both degrees. 

J.D. / Ph.D. Neuroscience - Law and Neuroscience

Vanderbilt University, headquarters of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience, is a leading institution for the study of law and neuroscience. Whether enrolled in law, neuroscience, psychology, or the nation's first joint JD/PhD program in Law & Neuroscience, students at Vanderbilt have access to unparalleled opportunities at the law/neuroscience intersection.


Business and Finance 

J.D. / M.B.A. -  Owen Graduate School of Management

Students accepted by both schools earn both degrees in four years. For more information on applying to Owen, contact the Owen School of Management's Office of Admissions via email,, or (800) 288-OWEN (6936).

 J.D. / M.S. Finance - Owen Graduate School of Management M.S.F.

Select Vanderbilt law school students can also earn a master's in finance without increasing their time in school. Prospective students should apply for admission to the J.D. and M.S.F. programs simultaneously. Spaces in this three-year joint degree program are limited. Students are enrolled the first two years in law school, then a full semester at Owen and finally a mix law and business courses during their last semester. MORE INFORMATION  ...

  Law and Business Certificate (certificate of specialization completed within the J.D. program)



J.D./M.D. - Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

This program allows students accepted at both schools to complete both degrees in six years. For more information, contact the law school's Admissions office at



J.D./ M.Div. (Masters of Divinity) and J.D. / M.T.S. (Masters of Theological Studies) - Vanderbilt Divinity School

Students accepted by both schools can earn the J.D./M.T.S. in four years or the J.D./M.Div. in five years. For more information about these programs, complete the Divinity School's online web form or contact the Divinity School Office of Admissions at or by phone at 615-343-3963.



J.D./M.P.P. (M.P.P., Education Policy) , Peabody College

Students accepted at both schools can earn both degrees in four years. The M.P.P. is a multidisciplinary program that provides you with a scholarly and applied understanding of the public policy process as it relates to education. The coursework serves as preparation for careers in policy analysis and public service leadership for governmental and/or private institutions.



LL.M. / Law & Business certificate / Law & Business Program

LL.M. students can earn a certificate of specialization in Law and Business by extending their one-year LL.M. studies for a second year through an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum created by the law school in conjunction with Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management. This program allows students to study U.S. business law, management techniques, corporate finance and accounting, and the legal principles that affect them. LL.M. students can apply for "special student" status at any point after admission to the LL.M. Program to pursue the Law & Business program.

LL.M./M.A. in Latin American Studies, Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies

This two-year program requires course work in the Law School and in Latin American Studies, and a final thesis. Students normally pursue their course work over the first three semesters, devoting the bulk of their time in the fourth semester of study to the completion of the thesis. Students are enrolled in each school for two semesters. For more information, email us at


Customized Joint-Degree Programs

Students who wish to pursue a joint degree program with a graduate program with which the law school has no formal joint degree arrangements can propose a customized joint-degree program. In all cases, prospective students must seek and gain acceptance to both the law school and the other graduate program. Decisions regarding admission to the law school and the graduate program are made independently. For more information, contact the Law School Admissions Office at