The J.D. Program at Vanderbilt Law School offers an academically rigorous experience in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our innovative and flexible curriculum, developed and delivered by our faculty of top legal scholars, prepares J.D. students for the complete spectrum of career opportunities available to lawyers, while equipping them to adapt to the rapid pace of change that characterizes modern legal practice.

We intentionally keep our student body small – typically the smallest among top law schools – which enriches this personal approach to legal education. Our faculty “open-door” environment helps to ensure that every student develops relationships with multiple faculty members. At Vanderbilt, everyone shares a common commitment to challenge themselves and each other to excel as legal professionals, with the understanding that mutual support, teamwork, interest in others’ welfare and respect for others’ ideas are essential to everyone’s professional success.

Matthew Washnock '19

“Vanderbilt students are taught by professors from various intellectual and political spectrums, which I think leads to sharper debates and deeper learning. Our professors are leaders in their fields – you get to study with professors who literally wrote the book on the subject. They’re also mentors who are genuinely invested in teaching.”

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