The LL.M. Program for International Students

Each fall, a select group of foreign attorneys and international students from nations around the world comes to Vanderbilt Law School for a special academic year of advanced legal study of American legal issues and legal research methods in classes with American law students. Beyond the law school, LL.M. students have access to advice and support from Vanderbilt University's International Students and Scholars Services which serves the university's thriving international student community. More than that, LL.M. students experience life at a major American research university located in a sophisticated and vibrant city. 

Course Track students focus exclusively on course work, choosing their courses from the law school's extensive curriculum. A faculty adviser or a law school administrator will help you tailor your academic program to your career goals and intellectual interests. 

Visit the LL.M. Curriculum page for details on coursework.

Bar Exam

A large number of Vanderbilt LL.M. students sit for state bar exams every year immediately after they graduate. Academic advisors are available to assist students in tailoring their curriculum to meet their professional goals and interests.

Legal English Program

Vanderbilt LL.M. students benefit from an intensive program designed to provide the language and academic skills needed to succeed in a demanding educational program at a top U. S. law school. The program begins with an introductory course at the law school during the summer before your LL.M. courses begin, the Summer English for Legal Purposes (SELP) course. Provided in association with the Vanderbilt University English Language Center, the program includes intensive instruction in oral and written communication, small group discussions and practice responding quickly and concisely in large group discussions.

To enhance your academic training, your classes in Legal English continue throughout your year at Vanderbilt. These optional classes increase your exposure to the language of U.S. law while you learn its principles and precepts in your law classes.

Meet our Students

Maggie Ren '25

The format of the Vanderbilt LL.M. program offers considerable exposure to the J.D. program, which Ren transferred into after completing her LL.M.

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Theophilus Emem '24

Through his coursework, Emem was able to tie various aspects of the law together into a more comprehensive understanding of the energy industry and its legal capacity.

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Bruna Bromfim '23

Bruna Bromfim chose Vanderbilt Law School’s LL.M. program because she wanted to deepen her knowledge of corporate law and change the focus of her law practice.

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Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Admissions Office at (+1) 615-322-6452 or email us below.