The Office of Student Life

Our Mission is to facilitate learning and support the success and wellbeing of every student by developing a culture of accountability, responsibility, inclusion, and respect for our colleagues and ourselves. 

Our Vision is to send the happiest, healthiest, and most professional law students out into the world to lead and transform the legal profession.

Campus Life

campus life

Vanderbilt Law School is located on the campus of Vanderbilt University. In addition to the law school's proprietary resources and services, law students have access to a broad array of campus resources—including the Student Recreation Center, a well-equipped work-out facility that offers a pool, an indoor track, a large weight room, and indoor squash and tennis courts, as well as club and intramural sports. You'll also find ample opportunities to attend arts performances and exhibits and lectures within easy walking distance.


The office, in conjunction with University-wide departments, provides a wide variety of services for individual students and organizations. The Director of Student Affairs offers non-clinical general and situational counseling and referrals to campus resources.

Meet the Team

  • Chris Meyers

    Chris Meyers

    Dean of Students

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  • Jasmin Felton

    Jasmin Felton

    Assistant Dean, Academic Life

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  • Michelle Kovash

    Michelle Kovash

    Director of Student Affairs

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  • Jennie Stumpf

    Jennie Stumpf

    Program Coordinator for Student Engagement & Community

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