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The Vanderbilt Law School community includes more than 9,400 alumni who live and practice in 50 states, Washington, D.C., 4 U.S. territories, and 39 nations around the world. We want you to remain an active part of it! Use these pages to engage with Vanderbilt Law, stay connected to our community, and show your support for one of the nation’s finest law schools.  

Alumni News

Development and Alumni Relations Team

  • Scotty G. Mann, J.D.

    Scotty G. Mann, J.D.

    Assistant Vice Chancellor of Development

  • Katie Armstrong

    Katie Armstrong

    Associate Director of Annual Giving

  • Sarah Bochicchio

    Associate Director of Development

  • Clay Cline

    Clay Cline

    Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations

  • Eileen Cunningham

    Senior Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

  • Haley Lambing

    Haley Lambing

    DAR Assistant

  • John Robert Linscomb

    Assistant Director of Development

  • Taylor-Grace Mingo

    Taylor-Grace Mingo

    Assistant Director of Development

  • A. Alston Phillips

    Program Assistant

  • Sarah Poteete

    Sarah Poteete

    Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Stewardship

  • Joel Thomas

    Joel Thomas

    Senior Director of Development

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