Clinics & Experiential Learning

At Vanderbilt Law School, we firmly believe that a comprehensive legal education extends beyond textbooks and lecture halls. Our dynamic legal clinics, enriching experiential learning programs, and open-ended externships create an immersive learning environment where theory meets practice. Our eight legal clinics allow students to dive into various law fields, representing real clients and arguing actual cases under expert guidance. Our experiential learning curriculum empowers students to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings, shaping them into critical thinkers, decision-makers, and confident legal leaders.

Vanderbilt Law School is committed to equipping students with tangible skills and experiences that will propel them into dynamic and successful legal careers.

Externships: Course Credit for Work Experience

Students Studying on Main Street

Vanderbilt Law recognizes the irreplaceable value of hands-on, real-world experience in shaping future legal professionals. Our diverse and enriching externship programs offer students the unique opportunity to step beyond the bounds of traditional classroom learning and directly immerse themselves in the professional legal world. Our students work alongside accomplished legal professionals, gaining an on-the-ground understanding of law in action across a variety of sectors to prepare them for vibrant and successful legal careers. 

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On Campus Opportunities

The Vanderbilt Moot Court promotes the practice of effective appellate advocacy by leading all appellate advocacy activities at Vanderbilt Law School. Each year, the Board produces a unique Constitutional Law moot court problem and runs the Bass Berry & Sims Intramural Moot Court Competition, which serves as the selection process for new board members.

The Moot Court Board also holds tryouts for students to compete in traveling teams that participate in various moot court competitions around the country. Finally, the Board assists the law school's Legal Writing Department in organizing and implementing the first-year oral arguments program, a required component of the Legal Writing curriculum.