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Program on Law and Innovation

Vanderbilt Law School Announces Creation of AI Legal Lab

Dean Chris Guthrie announced the creation of the Vanderbilt AI Legal Lab (VAILL) to explore how artificial intelligence intersects with the delivery of legal services and access to justice. VAILL will focus on practical applications and broader implications of AI in legal services. 

Dean's Lecture

C.P. Hoffman Discusses Gender Affirming Care, Medical Privacy, Trans Rights

Hoffman discussed recent laws passed in several states, including TX and TN, intended to restrict access to transgender care.

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GE Chief Sustainability Officer Calls for Action in Climate Change Lecture

Roger Martella ’95 emphasized the importance of private-sector solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Club News

Senior Deputy General Counsel at SAG-AFTRA, Discusses Actors Strike

Sarah Fowler ’08 discussed the reasons that a stunning 97 percent of members of SAG-AFTRA voted to authorize a strike.

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Research News

Overcoming “The Greens’ Dilemma”

Environmental laws from the 1970s have created roadblocks to development of "climate infrastructure" like solar arrays and clean energy transmission lines. A new paper co-authored by J.B. Ruhl tracks the history of environmental law and regulation, highlights strategies designed to manage trade-offs between development and protection, and proposes a “New Grand Bargain."

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