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Vanderbilt Law School implements the latest technologies to support the educational and research mission of the school by incorporating technology into teaching, research, scholarly activities and administrative functions.


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Computer Recommendations for Students

Although VLS does not have a mandatory computer requirement, owning a laptop is strongly recommended. Wireless coverage is available throughout the school and outdoor areas.

IT computer recommendationsPurchase Recommendations

If you plan to purchase a laptop, we recommend either Dell (PC) or Apple (Mac) systems. The IT team provides minor hardware assistance for most systems but major warranty replacement and assistance with Dell and Apple laptops which are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Support is provided for hardware and software issues relating to the operating system or software/applications related to academic purposes.

When purchasing a system, these are the system specifications we recommend:

  • Solid State Hard Drive: minimum size: 128GB

Solid State drives offer increased speed and performance and are less prone to failure

  • 4GB RAM Minimum

Most new systems will offer more at a minimum but the above RAM size should be enough

The above specifications are the most important when choosing a device and most other options are negligible or fairly standard across devices, such as screen size, keyboard type or wireless speeds. Most manufacturers only differ in the above two specification items

Regardless of brand, we strongly recommend purchasing a 3-year warranty for your new laptop:

  • Dell: Three-year CompleteCare

This covers accidental damage and all other hardware failures

  • Apple: Three-year AppleCare coverage

Does not provide accidental damage protection but does provide extended hardware and software support

Exam software compatibility information

The Exam4 software used for all exams will limit supported operating systems: Windows and Mac OS X/macOS; ChromeOS is NOT supported by the makers of Exam4. No exceptions are made by the software vendor and therefore the IT team cannot provide support for non-approved operating systems.

Exam4 (the exam software used by Vanderbilt Law School) supports Windows 7-10 and Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" through 10.11 or "El Capitan."


Please note, Windows 8-10 provide built in antivirus support with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall is also built into Windows 7-10

Additional security software is not necessary but if wishing to purchase any, we recommend Kaspersky

For questions or if you need technical assistance, please stop by the VLS IT office in room 312 of the law library or submit a Tech Help request.


The IT staff maintains a state-of-the-art computing services environment to support teaching, research, collaboration and communication.


The IT staff maintains a state-of-the-art computing services environment to support teaching, research, collaboration and communication.

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Chris Bransford, MBA, MCTS, ITIL
Manager, End User Services
  Scott Nelsen, ACMT, MCDST
Lead Technical Support Specialist
  Dane Vick
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
  Jake Kasinger
Sr. Media Support Specialist