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Staff Directory

  First Name Last Name Office Phone Number Email Address Title Department
Richelle Acker Richelle Acker 106C Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Associate Department Director Admissions
Nicholas Alexiou Nicholas Alexiou 128 Center Building 615-322-0862 Email Associate Director; Director, LL.M. and Alumni Advising Career Services
Shannon Beeman Shannon Beeman 200 Law Building 615-343-3069 Email Administrative Assistant Administrative Services
Bonnie Bielec Bonnie Bielec 108G Law Building 615-322-6602 Email Assistant Dean for Operation and Finance Administrative Services
Christy Biggs Christy Biggs 101 Center Building 615-322-6192 Email Administrative Assistant; Recruiting Coordinator Career Services
Sarah Bochicchio 1200 Loews Building 615-343-3274 Email Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving Development & Alumni Relations
Rachel Bond Rachel Bond 200 Law Building 615-343-3939 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Larry Bridgesmith Larry Bridgesmith 2230P Law Building 615-322-6595 Email Adjunct Professor of Law; Program Coordinator Administrative Services
Shawn Burgess Shawn Burgess 150 Center Building 615-322-9126 Email Staff Accountant/Business Coordinator Administrative Services
Meredith Capps Meredith Capps 142D Law Building 615-875-2860 Email Foreign and International Librarian; Lecturer in Law Library
Kathryn Carmody Kathryn Carmody 1000 Loews Building 615-343-1185 Email Director, Volunteer Outreach for Professional Schools Academic Life
Angela Chapman Angela Chapman 130 Center Building 615-322-4714 Email Associate Director; Director, Employer Outreach Career Services
Judith Chavez Judith Chavez 266 Law Building 615-322-0033 Email Manager, Mailroom & Copy Services Administrative Services
Grace Chee Grace Chee 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Associate Director, Admissions, Recruitment, and International Student Services Admissions
Emily Citino 200 Law Building 615-343-1564 Email Administrative Assistant PhD Program in Law & Economics
Clay Cline Clay Cline 1200 Loews Building 615-322-2562 Email Director of Development Development & Alumni Relations
Cynthia Coleman Cynthia Coleman 106E Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Associate Director; Director, LL.M. Program Admissions
Mary Conn Mary Conn 204 Law Building 615-343-5466 Email Library Assistant Library
Kirra Cruise-Streat Kirra Cruise-Streat 108 Law Building 615-343-4676 Email Senior Executive Secretary
Dean's Office
Eileen Cunningham Eileen Cunningham 1200 Loews Building 615-322-6157 Email Director, Alumni Relations and Stewardship Development & Alumni Relations
Nina Davis Harmon 108 Law Building 615-875-9285 Email Administrative Assistant Dean's Office
Robert Dortch Robert Dortch 030A Law Building 615-322-4550 Email Building Coordinator Administrative Services
Victoria Dorward 200 Law Building 615-322-7939 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Brandy Drinnon Brandy Drinnon 156 Center Building 615-322-1429 Email Manager
Sarah Dunaway Sarah Dunaway 212 Law Building 615-343-1032 Email Research Services Librarian
Lecturer in Law
Ali Farr 1000 Loews Building 615-322-6273 Email Assistant Director of Volunteer Outreach Development & Alumni Relations
Judy Farrelly Judy Farrelly 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Department Education Coordinator Admissions
Jasmin Felton Jasmin Felton 152D Law Building 615-343-3695 Email Director of Academic Life Academic Life
Mariah Ford Mariah Ford 110 Law Building 615-322-2885 Email Research Services Librarian Library
Phyllis Garner Phyllis Garner Lobby Law Building 615-343-2534 Email Receptionist; Scheduler Administrative Services
Larentina Gray Larentina Gray 204 Law Building 615-322-4640 Email Circulation Manager Library
Akeisha Gregory Akeisha Gregory 119 Law Building 615-322-4964 Email Administrative Assistant Legal Clinic
Susan Grider Susan Grider 214 Law Building 615-322-2187 Email Administrative Services Coordinator Library
Mary Griffin Mary Griffin 136 Center Building 615-343-1824 Email Assistant Director; Director, Non-Visiting Employer Program Career Services
Katie Hanschke Katie Hanschke 211 Law Building 615-343-1290 Email Head of Instruction and Access Services
Lecturer in Law
Rachel Harrell Rachel Harrell 232 Law Building 615-322-3966 Email Program Manager, Law & Business and Branstetter Programs Faculty Support Services
Renee Hawkins Renee Hawkins 262 Law Building 615-322-0045 Email Manager Faculty Support Services
Colina Hopson 200 Law Building 615-875-9154 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Stephen Jackson Stephen Jackson 142 Law Building 615-343-5417 Email Digital Services Library Assistant Library
Allison Jarrett Allison Jarrett 154F Law Building 615-322-3080 Email Program Manager Academic Life
Faye Johnson Faye Johnson 152A Law Building 615-322-2284 Email Program Coordinator, Student Journals Student Affairs
Jake Kasinger Jake Kasinger 312 Law Building 615-343-4059 Email Senior Media Support Specialist Information Technology
Courtney Kelly Courtney Kelly 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Associate Director, Admissions and Recruitment Admissions
Betsy Key Betsy Key 136 Center Building 615-343-4267 Email Associate Director; Director, State Clerkships Career Services
Monique Killyon Monique Killyon 149 Center Building 615-322-6605 Email Manager, On-Campus Recruitment Program Career Services
Michelle Kovash Michelle Kovash 154A Law Building 615-875-9160 Email Assistant Director
Student Affairs
Tyrone Mallett 312 Law Building 615-343-4059 Email Senior Technical Support Specialist Information Technology
Scotty Mann Scotty Mann 1200 Loews Building 615-343-4534 Email Associate Dean Development & Alumni Relations
Kat Manning Kat Manning 152 Law Building 615-322-2240 Email Administrative Assistant Academic Life
Joyce McDavid Joyce McDavid 142 Law Building 615-343-5465 Email Acquisitions Assistant Library
Chris Meyers Chris Meyers 154B Law Building 615-322-6826 Email Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Student Affairs
Dominique Millen Dominique Millen 154 Center Building 615-343-6245 Email Chief of Staff Administrative Services
Brierra Miller 1200 Loews Building 615-343-6602 Email Administrative Assistant Development & Alumni Relations
Spring Miller Spring Miller 230L Law Building 615-875-9860 Email Assistant Dean for Public Interest Public Interest Office
Brianne Montgomery Brianne Montgomery 119 Law Building 615-322-4964 Email Legal Assistant Legal Clinic
Todd Morton Todd Morton 106D Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Assistant Dean; Dean of Admissions Admissions
Megan Naughton 306C Law Building 615-875-9324 Email Manager
Information Technology
Clanitra Nejdl Clanitra Nejdl 142E Law Building 615-343-5902 Email Research Services Librarian; Lecturer in Law Library
Jeanna Newton Jeanna Newton 152 Center Building 615-322-0039 Email Director, Finance and Administration
Administrative Services
Erin Parr-Carranza Erin Parr-Carranza 230M Law Building 615-322-1435 Email Program Coordinator
Public Interest Office
Bernadette Paschal-Graffread Bernadette Paschal-Graffread 108 Law Building 615-322-1794 Email Assistant to the Dean Dean's Office
Sarah Poteete Sarah Poteete 1200 Loews Building 615-322-8445 Email Coordinator, Alumni Relations and Stewardship Development & Alumni Relations
Larry Reeves Larry Reeves 215 Law Building 615-322-0020 Email Associate Professor of Law; Associate Dean & Director, Law Library Library
Grace Renshaw Grace Renshaw 158 Center Building 615-322-4594 Email Director, Publications and Communications Communications
Francesca Rutherford Francesca Rutherford 200 Law Building 615-343-3490 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Christy Ryan Christy Ryan 142C Law Building 615-343-4079 Email Head of Collection Services
Sara Saddler Sara Saddler 204 Law Building 615-343-4591 Email Interlibrary Loan Assistant Library
Martina Sheridan 142 Law Building 615-343-4284 Email Serials Library Assistant Library
Caroline Sirko Caroline Sirko 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Associate Director, Admissions Interview Program Admissions
Janis Stewart Janis Stewart 200 Law Building 615-322-0028 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Quenna Stewart Quenna Stewart 200 Law Building 615-322-1287 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Christina Stoddard Christina Stoddard 154E Law Building 615-322-7971 Email Managing Editor, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
Administrative Services
Jennie Stumpf Jennie Stumpf 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Department Education Coordinator Admissions
Sydney Talley Sydney Talley 1010 Loews Building 615-322-0814 Email Associate Director of Volunteer Outreach Academic Life
Joel Thomas Joel Thomas 1200 Loews Building 615-343-8245 Email Associate Director of Development Academic Life
Felicia Vaden Felicia Vaden 119 Law Building 615-322-4964 Email Manager Legal Clinic
Lola Michelle Waller Lola Michelle Waller 152 Law Building 615-343-5785 Email Administrative Assistant Academic Life
Sandy Weinstein Sandy Weinstein 106 Law Building 615-322-6452 Email Program Assistant Admissions
Ashli Wells Ashli Wells Circulation Desk 615-343-0408 Email InterLibrary Loan Assistant Library
Mark Williams Mark Williams 142C Law Building 615-875-3337 Email Head of Collections Services; Lecturer in Law Library
Carmen Wilson 200 Law Building 615-322-2034 Email Faculty Assistant Faculty Support Services
Elizabeth Workman Elizabeth Workman 132 Center Building 615-322-7377 Email Assistant Dean for Career Services Career Services