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Academics at Vanderbilt Law School

Vanderbilt Law School's national reputation has its basis in our rigorous academic program, which is developed and delivered by our faculty of top legal scholars. A Vanderbilt legal education prepares you for the complete spectrum of career opportunities available to lawyers — and also equips you to adapt, throughout your career, to the rapid pace of change that characterizes modern legal practice.

Our J.D. program starts with the required first-year curriculum. Second- and third-year students then choose from a broad range of electives, including clinical courses focusing on civil, criminal, international and other areas of legal practice. All students also have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of law and practice through our academic programs. Our curriculum is specifically designed to enable you to develop the knowledge, skills and aptitudes prized by legal employers, including:

  • A broad-based knowledge of domestic and international law
  • A thorough understanding of law-making institutions ranging from local courts to international organizations
  • First-rate analytical skills
  • Excellent verbal, writing and communication skills
  • Extensive training in all facets of legal research