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Experience courses allow students to work directly with clients but under the direction and guidance of experienced clinical professors or practitioner supervisors. Litigation students would usually spend a summer or semester working as an extern in a litigation-related position and/or enroll in a clinic during their third year.

2017 Branstetter Summer Fellows

The Branstetter Summer Fellows program is an initiative designed to enable law students who are interested in litigation and dispute resolution to work in unpaid summer internships with a non-profit or government organization where they will gain meaningful litigation experience. The Branstetter Program selects ten Branstetter Summer Fellows who receive a whole summer stipend or partial summer stipend for the internship.

2017 Branstetter Summer Fellows
David Hyun, Caroline Cartwright, Lucas Zahner
Middle row: Sam Heller, Christine Gibbons,
Ian Joyce
Front row: John Clark, Audrey Yue, Ian Macbeth
(Megan McGuire not pictured)