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Admission Interview FAQs

J.D. applicants may request an alumni interview by: 1) completing the admission interview section of the application for admission, and 2) submitting the application for admission no later than November 15, 11:59 PM,

Who can participate in an admission interview?

We encourage applicants to participate in an admission interview with a VLS alum. An interview gives the Admissions Office more information about you when we review your application including communication and interpersonal skills and your goals and interests. Alumni interviews are also opportunities for you to meet with a lawyer to hear about their individual VLS experience and legal career. If you have specific or admissions-related questions, we encourage you to contact our office at

How do I request an interview?

Submit your completed application for admission by November 15, 11:59 PM, indicating your interview request in the admission interview section. 

What will my interviewer know about me before we meet?

We ask you to send your resume to your interviewer in advance of your meeting to help form a basis for the conversation. The Admissions Office does not forward any of your application materials to your alumni interviewer. The Admissions Office will share admission decisions with alumni interviewers.

My application is complete. Will participating in an interview cause a delay in my admissions decision?


What will my interviewer ask me?

The questions will be about you - your experiences, your goals, and your interest in the legal profession. Many questions will be about experiences you have listed on your resume. You do not need any legal expertise or education to answer your interviewer's questions.


Questions? Contact the Admissions Office