3L Class Gift Program

The 3L Class Gift Program provides a way for members of the graduating class to come together and give back to the law school in order to ensure that the students who follow in their footsteps are met with the same excellent educational experience and collegial environment they had. Contributing to the class gift efforts allows 3L students to show their appreciation for their legal education, the experiences they have had, and the memories they have created during their time at Vanderbilt Law School.  

Why should you give?

Excellent question! Did you know that tuition only covers 76% of the actual cost of your legal education? The remainder is made up by donations from alumni, students and friends. Because of these gifts, the law school is able to best support the students--through funding student organizations, bringing in renowned guest speakers, providing top-notch career services to ensure professional development and job placement, maintaining the extensive library, keeping class sizes down and continually upgrading technology. Additionally, support for scholarships, awards and programs allows us to attract, recruit and retain the highest caliber of students and reduce their future loan burden.   

Areas of Focus

The Class of 2023's Class Gift Committee has chosen the Public Interest Stipend Fund to spotlight. A description of this fund is detailed below. We would love for you to support this fund with your gift, but please know you can always choose to support any fund at the law school--your favorite student organization, the journal for which you work so many hours, a scholarship that has positively influenced your life, or the general Law School Fund. All gifts to the law school will count toward Class Gift totals. 

Public Interest Stipend Fund 

This fund was established in 2014 to provide public interest fellowship support to Vanderbilt Law Students. Specifically, stipends are available to students participating in summer pro bono fellowship that supports traditionally underserved populations. This is a merit-based award and is to help defray the cost-of-living expenses. 


Make Your Gift

Members of the Class of 2023 are  encouraged to make their gift to the law school at any time, using the button below. A contribution of any amount will help the class reach the participation goal. You can set up a monthly recurring gift or make a one-time gift online.


  • Students pay tuition, so does the law school really need our money?

    Yes! While tuition covers a majority of what it takes to run the law school, it does not cover it all. Donations from alumni and friends make up the difference. Without these gifts, the law school would not be able to fund student organizations, provide career services, keep class sizes down, bring distinguished guest lecturers to campus, employ renowned faculty members, maintain the extensive library or continually upgrade technology. In particular, scholarships and awards enable the school to recruit the most talented of students and to minimize the loan burden. 

  • Why are annual gifts so important to Vanderbilt Law School?

    By making your first gift to the law school, you become introduced to the importance of philanthropy and contribute to the legacy of giving established by the thousands of VLS alumni who have come before you. A high alumni giving participation rate shows law firms, foundations, and prospective students that alumni truly believe in Vanderbilt Law School, and that their donations are well placed. Last fiscal year, over 28% of all alumni gave back to the law school, which compares favorably with other top 20 law schools. As an upcoming member of the alumni community, you have the opportunity to continue the strong tradition of support the law school has celebrated for decades. 

  • Will our gifts really make a difference?

    Absolutely. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and truly make a difference. What matters most to us, though, is your participation. Alumni participation is very compelling, but 3L giving is even more so. Your support improves the school’s ability to leverage major gifts from other alumni, individuals and firms who pay attention to what occurs at Vanderbilt Law School. 

  • Are gifts tax-deductible?

    Yes. All donations to the Law School are deductible from federal income tax if the donor itemizes deductions when filing his or her tax return. Donors may also be eligible to claim state income tax credit.

  • To what area should I give?

    Gifts to any area of the law school are counted towards our participation goal and total dollars raised. Our goal is to encourage participation and cultivate the spirit of philanthropy so that the law school is strengthened for years to come. This starts with giving to an area of VLS that is most meaningful to you – whether that’s to one of the areas of focus, a specific student organization, or another area. 

Goals and Donor List

  • Dollar Goal

    Dollar Goal: 

    Total Dollars Raised as of 4/27/2023: $1,749  

  • Participation Goal

    Participation Goal: 

    Current Participation as of 4/27/2023: 10 % 

  • Current Donors

    Current donors: 
    Jacqueline Beveridge 
    Bria Black 
    Lauren Broidy 
    Angela Brown 
    Elodie Currier 
    Kelsey Donohue 
    Oseremen Eromosele 
    Blake Halberg 
    Tasia Harris 
    Cole Merritt 
    Jamie Michael 
    Humza Moinuddin 
    Rohit Murthy 
    Janna Perry 
    Fields Pierce 
    Jacqui Pittman 
    Davis Shugrue 
    Howard Thorne 
    Lara Travis 
    Brandon von Kriegelstein 

Class Gift Committee

Janna Perry, Chair 
Kaylee Brilhart 
Justin Brooks 
Tasia Harris 
Elizabeth Kimbrough 
Anya Martin 
Rohit Murthy 
Fields Pierce 
Chase Rowland 
Emma Walker