Beverly Moran to spend 2008-09 at MIT as ACE Fellow

Vanderbilt professor of law and sociology Beverly Moran will complete her American Council on Education Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Moran will be at MIT from Oct. 15 until June 30 to study how MIT supports interdisciplinary programs and its new diversity initiative with launches in November.

Moran is a well respected tax scholar who has served on the Vanderbilt Law School faculty since 2001. Her recent scholarship includes an analysis of the disparate impact of the federal tax code on African Americans and an innovative new text on the taxation of charities and other exempt organizations.

The ACE Fellows Program provides intensive management training for promising senior faculty and administrators interested in management positions at institutions of higher education. Moran, who was nominated for the fellowship by Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos, is one of 36 fellows selected this year in a national competition.

"What makes this grant special to me is that it is meant to help me contribute to Vanderbilt’s future by spending a year at another institution working on a project that is crucial to Vanderbilt’s strategic plan," said Moran.

The ACE Fellows Program combines seminars, interactive learning opportunities, campus visits and placement at another institution of higher education to condense years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year.

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