Bressman, Serkin, Vandenbergh and Wuerth honored with 2014 Hall-Hartman Awards for outstanding teaching

Vandenbergh, Bressman & Serkin (Wuerth not pictured)

Associate Dean Lisa Bressman and Professors Christopher Serkin, Michael Vandenbergh and Ingrid Wuerth were honored with 2014 Hall-Hartman Awards for Outstanding Teaching at an awards presentation in Blackacre April 11.

Hall-Hartman Awards are awarded annually based a student poll administered by the student-led Vanderbilt Bar Assocation. Hall-Hartman Awards are given to one professor in each of Vanderbilt’s three first-year sections and to two professors for excellent teaching in upper-level courses of over and under 30 students.

Professors honored for teaching during the 2013-14 academic year include:

  • Christopher Serkin, who was recognized with two Hall-Hartman Awards–one by 1L Section B for his class in Property Law and another for his upper-level seminar in Land Use Planning.
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Lisa Bressman, who holds the David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law. Bressman was recognized for her upper-level class in Administrative Law.
  • Michael Vandenbergh, who was recognized by 1L Section A for his class in Property Law.
  • Ingrid Wuerth, who was recognized by 1L Section C for her class in Civil Procedure. (not pictured)

Hall-Hartman Awards are a longstanding Vanderbilt tradition recognizing faculty whose teaching is deemed outstanding in each first-year student section and for large and small upper-level elective courses. The awards are named in honor of former professors Donald J. Hall and Paul Hartman, both of whom spent their careers at Vanderbilt and were revered for their teaching.

“It is extremely hard to win a teaching award at Vanderbilt Law School because of the many outstanding teachers on our faculty,” Dean Chris Guthrie said. ”Professors cherish this recognition because it comes directly from the students they’ve taught.”

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