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Belonging at Vanderbilt

Belonging at Vanderbilt-Image of graduating law students on Commencement dayAt Vanderbilt Law School, we are committed to ensuring that all students, staff and faculty feel themselves to be fully a part of our community.

This means absolutely zero tolerance for racism, discrimination or bigotry of any sort. Priding itself on a culture of collegiality, warmth, mutual respect and decency, we seek to maintain a community that fosters inclusivity, diversity and equity for all.

As an institution devoted to the study of the law, justice and civil rights, we are mindful of the special role lawyers play to bring about tangible progress toward building a more democratic, equal and just society that can most closely match the ideals of our country's Constitution."
- Yesha Yadav, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Community


Photo of Monique Hannam '15 at Vanderbilt Law School. Monique is an attorney with Ellis, Cupps and Cole in Cassville, MissouriOur community brings together those with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, identities and preferences, and each member contributes to school life through their own distinctive set of viewpoints, experiences and ideas.

We celebrate this diversity. We cherish it.

We believe that it can fully express itself both in and out of the classroom. Key to maintaining our inclusive and vibrant school culture are the various student affinity groups, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council and the Vanderbilt Bar Association. Each provides a forum for bringing students together to encourage active collaboration, connection, friendship and support.

As representatives of the student body, the Vanderbilt Bar Association is committed to fostering a productive social and academic environment within the law school for all students. VBA works closely with the administration and the EDI Council to ensure all students are heard, respected and represented. VBA's EDI Chair and the 1L Diversity & Inclusion Representative play a crucial part in the network of support for diverse students at Vanderbilt."
- Esther Lee '21, President, Vanderbilt Bar Association


A group photo of current and former members of the Black Law Students Association at the 2017 BLSA Alumni dinner and reception.Identity groups at VLS

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