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Vanderbilt Law School's Career Services program excels in placing our well-trained lawyers in public- and private-sector positions at law firms, government offices and organizations throughout the United States.

Vanderbilt's national reputation affords our graduates a wide array of geographic options as well as professional opportunities within and beyond the practice of law. And Vanderbilt's students are in high demand for their outstanding legal training, combined with the interpersonal and other important professional skills they develop during law school.


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The established policy of the Vanderbilt University Law School is to promote employment of its students and graduates with no discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability.

The school's career services facilities are available only to those employers whose practices are consistent with the policy as well as all applicable laws and regulations governing employment discrimination. An employer's use of our services constitutes an agreement to observe the principles of equal opportunity stated in AALS Bylaw 6-4(b).

The motivation for discrimination is irrelevant; a hiring decision, for example, based on perceived prejudices of an employer's clients is nonetheless discriminatory. In its placement practices, the Vanderbilt University Law School complies with AALS Bylaw 6-4(b):

A member school shall pursue a policy of providing its students and graduates with equal opportunity to obtain employment, without discrimination or segregation on the grounds of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender preference, or disability. A member school shall communicate to each employer to whom it furnishes assistance and facilities for interviewing and other placement functions the school's firm expectation that the employer will observe the principle of equal opportunity. (American Bar Association accreditation standards require similarly non-discriminatory practices.)

Under the Solomon Amendment, the Law School is required to permit access to the military for recruiting purposes or risk the loss of federal funding. The School recognizes that the military's recruitment policies are inconsistent with the nondiscrimination policy, and the faculty remains committed to eradicating discrimination.

All employers participating in on-campus interview programs thereby confirm that their hiring policies are consistent with the nondiscrimination policy of this law school and with AALS Bylaw 6-4(b).

Beyond this statement of policy, we wish to bring to the attention of interviewers some concerns expressed by students about the interviewing process. During the interviewing process, employers should refrain from soliciting information from students that, if made the basis for denial of employment, would contravene the above stated policy. Also, we urge interviewers to avoid questions or comments that, perhaps unintentionally, suggest discriminatory attitudes. Interviewers are entirely justified in seeking to assess the likely commitment of any student to the practice of law, a type of practice, a geographic location, or the particular employer. We firmly believe, however, that no category of students, particularly women, should be singled out for lines of questioning suggesting that the interviewer doubts any such commitment.