Introducing the “Climate at Vanderbilt” Podcast

Faculty and students at Vanderbilt are working on the challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation in a variety of ways and across several disciplines. J.B. Ruhl, the David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair in Law and Co-Director of the Energy, Environment and Land Use Program at Vanderbilt Law, has launched the Climate at Vanderbilt podcast to spotlight these different efforts.

“We’ll hear from faculty members and students across a wide span of schools tell us about their research, courses, and other initiatives,” said Ruhl. “There’s a lot of important and exciting work to explore here.”

The podcast kicks off with a 2-part interview featuring Jonathan Gilligan, the Alexander Heard Distinguished Service Professor and an Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Professor Gilligan discusses his work as the Director of Vanderbilt’s Climate and Society Grand Challenge Initiative and his role in forming the undergraduate major in Climate Studies.

“Climate change is unfortunately, going to be a part of our future for a very long time,” said Ruhl. “It’s critical that the global community work to turn the bend on greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for necessary adaptations. I hope you will join me to hear how Vanderbilt is contributing to these solutions.”

The podcast is available on Spotify. To listen to “Climate at Vanderbilt,” click here.