Contracts classes compete in fall food drive to benefit Second Harvest

Nov 20, 2013

1L Food Drive Participants Law SchoolA food drive organized by Vanderbilt 1L and LL.M. students as a competition between the three first-year Contracts sections raised a grand total of 1,543 food items and $427 in cash donations.

Contracts professors for each section supported the drive by offering such incentives as a $1 personal donation for each food item donated (Professor Michael Bressman) and allowing students to deflect a “cold call” in class by donating a food item (Professor Tracey George).

The winning team, Section B, headed by VBA Community Service Chair Reeshad Ali, contributed 543 food items and $268. “Professors’ competitiveness throughout the competition was contagious,” Ali said. “Knowing there are genuinely good people teaching here and in the study body makes me proud to be a student at Vanderbilt.”

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