2022 Fall Reunion Volunteer Class Committees

Nov 3, 2022

Vanderbilt’s successful Reunion Oct. 7 and 8, 2022, reflected the hard work and outreach of dedicated volunteers from every class. Our thanks to the following Reunion Committee chairs, hosts and members:

Class of 1972

Chairs: Tony Orsbon and Joe Torrence

Committee: Tom Buckner, Peter Collisson, Tad Harris Jr., Judge Tom Hathaway, Richard Hines,  Gordon James III, Paul Kurtz (BA’68), Mac McDonald Jr., Paul Regensdorf, John Roe Jr., Bob Trentham (BA’70), Tom White, John Williams and Randy Worth

The VLS Class of 1992 celebrated their 20th Reunion!

Class of 1977

Chairs:  Pat Mulloy (BA’74) and Billye Sanders

Party Hosts: Susie and Bill O’Bryan

Committee:  Julian Bibb III, Perry Brandt (BA’74), Jim Frierson, Brad Hume, Susan Shands Jones (BA’74), Bill O’Bryan, David Simmons and Richard Unger Jr.

Class of 1982

Chairs:  Tom Wiseman and Carter Todd

Committee:  Bill Norton

Class of 1987

Chairs: Ed Kenealy and Al Dotson

Party Hosts:  Stephanie (BA’83) and Jay Hardcastle Jr.

Committee: John Bolus, Jay Hardcastle Jr., Bill Hulsey III and Bill Martin IV

Class of 1992

Chairs: Jeff Adams and Ben Vernia

Committee Members: Lisa Borgeson, Ann Dillon, Jim Dillon, Erica Donoho, Lawrence Epstein  (BA’89), Brian Jackson, Judge Anne Martin, Leah McDowell, Patrick McDowell, Les Payne, Robert Sarfatis, Laura Stone and Jim Ward IV

Class of 1997

Chairs: Mary Garceau and James Crumlin (BA’94)

Party Hosts: Heather and Kris Kemp

Committee Members: Beth Blankenship, Tricia Kinney, Wade Turner and Elizabeth Warren

Class of 2002

Chairs: Julie Bracker (BS’93) and Paul Werner

Party Hosts:  Debbie and John Farringer

Committee Members: Robb Bigelow (BS’99), Phil Edwards, Geechul Lee, Michell LeGrande, Carolyn Merritt, Kelly Overman, Todd Overman, Josh Perry (MDiv’02), Todd Poole, Shahreen Rafique, Steve Rodin, Mike Schwegler and Steve Sedberry

Class of 2007

Chairs: Nii-Amar Amamoo, Emily and Whit (BS’03) Kilgroe

Committee members: Josh Lynch and Joseph Wells

Class of 2012

Chairs: Bobby Perry (MBA’13) and Jack Arnold

Committee Members: Drew Austria, Rachel Beck, Jason Coleman, Erica Evans, Alex Fisher, Alexandria Glispie and Courtney Hess (BA’09)

Class of 2017

Chairs: Soraya Keskey and Jay Larry (BA’14)

Committee Members: Alicia Adlerz, Joseph Bolognese, Lora Chowdhury, Kelly Flanagan and Loren Goodman