Reunion 2018 sets new record for most dollars raised

Jan 22, 2019

Sincere thanks and appreciation to all our Reunion 2018 volunteers and alumni whose efforts helped us set a new Reunion fundraising record, raising over $4 million. As always, thank you for your engagement and interest in Vanderbilt Law and for the many ways you support us.

Reunion 2018 Final Fundraising Results

Reunion Year Total Raised # in Class # of Donors Participation
1968 $226,655 104 40 38%
1973 $394,725 131 62 47%
1978 $1,190,225 139 55 40%
1983 $515,589 159 43 27%
1988 $1,511,344 176 63 36%
1993 $20,695 178 42 24%
1998 $124,141 173 44 25%
2003 $22,908 181 35 19%
2008 $10,766 219 56 26%
2013 $12,555 199 53 27%
$4,029,603 1,659 493 30%

Seventy alumni volunteers helped us spread the word to their classmates about coming back and giving back for Reunion 2018. With their help, we set several new records during Reunion: most dollars raised for classes celebrating their 50th and 30th Reunions and a new overall giving total of over $4 million! Three classes worked together to create three separate scholarships or awards at the Law School: the Law Class of 1998 Scholarship and the Sam Bartholomew Leadership Award, created by members of the class of 1973 in memory of their classmate, Samuel W. Bartholomew, Jr. (JD’73), are both fully funded, and the Law Class of 1968 Scholarship is currently 80% funded. These funds will ensure that the future of Vanderbilt Law School remains bright and will stand as a testament to the camaraderie and spirit of these classes.

Thank you to our Reunion Volunteers:

Class of 1968: Mr. Andrew W. Bolt II; The Hon. William B. Mitchell Carter; Mr. John G. Corlew; Mr. Edward J. Hardin; Mr. Robert D. Hart Jr.; Mr. Wayne S. Hyatt (BA’65); Mr. Robert B. Tierney

Class of 1973: Mr. John D. Arterberry; The Hon. John S. Bryant; Mr. Glaud Rhea Bucy (BA’70); Mr. David A. Fisher; Mr. Guy G. Gebhardt; Mr. Jackson W. Moore; Mr. G. Van Velsor Wolf, Jr.

Class of 1978: Mr. Alexander B. Buchanan (BA’75); Mr. Don B. Cannada; Mr. James W. Cuminale; Hon. John J. Curry Jr.; Mr. William T. Luedke IV

Class of 1983: Ms. Lynne Townsend Albert; Ms. Margaret J. Davino; Ms. Mary Louise Fanton Fry; Mr. Kurt S. Gleeson; Ms. Elaine McArdle; Ms. Sibyl C. Peyer; Mr. Michael L. Phifer (BA’79)

Class of 1988: Mr. Daniel Lawrence Abbott; Ms. A. Darby Dickerson; Mr. Kenneth E. McKay; Ms. Marcia Mallory McMurray; Mr. Ivan Jac Reich; Ms. Sloan Schickler; Ms. Kathleen Michelle Whalen

Class of 1993: Ms. Nancy Haynes Baughan; Mr. David K. Bissinger; Ms. Jennifer A. Lesny Fleming; Mr. Kenneth Berline Trotter; Ms. Nancy Vincent

Class of 1998: Mrs. Kasey Bond; Mr. Daniel Allen Brooks; Mr. Tom Cullinan; Mr. David Michael Cutler; Mr. John Simeon Hooks

Mr. John Onofrio Lukanski; Mr. Scott Joseph Lynn; Ms. Julie Ann Ortmeier; Ms. Lea Carol Owen; Ms. Anne Marie Seibel; Dr. Sonya Gyjuan Smith (EdD’94); Ms. Rachael Marie Trummel

Class of 2003: Ms. Cara Tuttle Bell; Ms. Catherine M. Corless; Mrs. Anne-Marie Farmer; Ms. Dianna Renea Jones; Mr. J. Gerard Stranch IV

Class of 2008: Mr. Paul Alexander Bost; Mr. David Paul Byeff; Mr. Hugh F. Hill IV; Mr. James Robert Irving; Ms. Kathryn Elizabeth Siegel

Class of 2013: Ms. Ana Valisa Berber-Thayer; Mrs. Sarah Reist Digby; Ms. Lauren Catherine Foster; Ms. Amie Gibbons; Ms. Casey Leigh Miller; Mr. David William Daniel Mitchell; Ms. Fiorela Orezzoli (BA’10); Ms. Emelia Genoa Short; Ms. Alyssa Corcoran Thomas