Rubin Honored for Distinguished Scholarship by ABA Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice

Oct 25, 2007

Dean Edward L. Rubin has received an award for distinguished scholarship from the American Bar Association’s Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.

Dean Rubin was recognized for his 2005 article, “The Myth of Accountability and the Anti-Administrative Impulse” (103 Michigan Law Review 2073), which garnered the Section’s annual award for scholarship for 2005. The award, which recognizes scholarly work that makes a significant contribution to the study of administrative and regulatory law, was presented at the 2007 Administrative Law Conference in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 25.

Administrative law scholars Lisa Schultz Bressman and Kevin Stack were also featured at the conference as speakers on a panel addressing the topic “The Unitary Theory Revisited: The Presidency in Changing Times.” Professor Bressman also spoke on a panel addressing “Judicial Review of Agency Inaction: How Far Is It from Southern Utah to Massachusetts?”

The ABA’s Administrative Law Section provides a forum that allows scholars and practitioners to share new ideas and the most recent information on substantive and procedural developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.

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