Vanderbilt Law Review April 2012 issue released

May 1, 2012

The Vanderbilt Law Review’s April 2012 issue (65 Vanderbilt Law Review 2012) has been released, and its contents are now accessible online at the journal’s website.

This issue includes three articles, an essay and three notes:


  • “Costly Intellectual Property,” by David Fagundes and Jonathan S. Masur, page 677
  • “Extralegal Punishment Factors: A Study of Forgiveness, Hardship, Good Deeds, Apology, Remorse, and Other Such Discretionary Factors in Assessing Criminal Punishment,” by Paul H. Robinson, Sean E. Jackowitz and Daniel M. Bartels, page 737
  • “Loss Aversion and the Law,” by Eyal Zamir, page 829


  • “Siblings in Law,” by Jill Elaine Hasday, page  897


  • “After GINA, NINA? Neuroscience-Based Discrimination in the Workplace,” by Stephanie A. Kostiuk, Class of 2012, page 933
  • “Standing on the Edge: Standing Doctrine and the Injury Requirement at the Borders of Establishment Clause Jurisprudence,” by Mary Alexander Myers, Class of 2012, page 979
  • “Hazy Shades of Winter: Resolving the Circuit Split over Preliminary Injunctions,” by Rachel A. Weisshaar, Class of 2012, page 1011


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