Owen Jones wins Wyatt award

Owen Jones wins award
Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos, Owen Jones and 2013-14 Faculty Sentate Chair Donald W. Brady (photo by Anne Rayner)

Owen Jones, who leads the MacArthur Research Network in Law and Neuroscience, received the 2014 Joe B. Wyatt Distinguished University Professor Award from Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos in April. The award annually honors one member of the Vanderbilt University faculty for accomplishments that bridge multiple academic disciplines and honors the development of significant new knowledge from research or exemplary innovations in teaching. The MacArthur Research Network brings together experts from several universities and varied disciplines to research the intersection of neuroscience and criminal law. Jones, who holds the New York Alumni Chancellor’s Chair in Law, which honors Zeppos, also holds the title of Joe B. Wyatt Distinguished University Professor during the 2014-15 academic year.

“Owen and his team have pioneered a new and thriving field in which brain activity is analyzed to gain insight into law-relevant mental states of defendants, witnesses, jurors and judges and their decision-making processes,” Zeppos said. “His commitment to drawing from the disciplines of law, biology, economics, psychology and neuroscience to develop solutions truly exemplifies the spirit of the Joe B. Wyatt Award.”