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About the Faculty

Vanderbilt owes its reputation as a highly selective law school in large measure to the scholarly productivity of its faculty of nationally and internationally renowned legal scholars. In and out of the classroom, Vanderbilt's faculty approach the study of law from two essential and mutually supportive perspectives: as an evolving intellectual discipline that demands rigorous scholarly inquiry and reflection, and as a solid preparation for a high-level professional career. As a result, scholarship and teaching go hand in hand at Vanderbilt.

As these faculty profiles demonstrate, faculty fields of expertise are wide-ranging and include most areas of public and private domestic and international law as well as many disciplines outside of law. Reflecting a university-wide emphasis on interdisciplinary study, many faculty also hold graduate degrees in other fields, including economics, political science, mathematics, business administration, history, philosophy, psychology, religion and medicine.

In addition to classes offered by our resident faculty, class offerings are enriched each year by adjunct professors who are leading practitioners as well as visiting professors from other leading law schools in the United States and abroad.


About Faculty