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Access2VLS Need-Based Grants


Through the generosity of Vanderbilt Law alumni, VLS provides innovative Access2VLS need-based grants to entering J.D. students with demonstrated financial need for tuition funding.  During the 1L admission process, we consider admitted students for VLS merit scholarships based on their individual applications relative to other admitted candidates, and in a separate, subsequent process, we allocate Access2VLS grants to those with demonstrated tuition-need defined as tuition costs not covered by the combination of their VLS merit scholarships, external scholarships, external tuition benefits, and CSS PROFILE-calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

We allocate Access2VLS grants to students in each entering 1L class who demonstrate tuition-need within the limit of Access2VLS funds available for that admission cycle. When the collective tuition-need of an entering class exceeds available funds, students are expected to meet a first amount of their individual tuition-need with loans, and those for whom total tuition-need exceeds that amount receive Access2VLS grant funding.*

Access2VLS grants are provided only during the first-year J.D. admission process, and like VLS merit scholarships, they are allocated evenly across three academic years (six semesters) of full-time study at VLS.** This means that the level of Access2VLS need-based funding a student receives is not decreased by the student’s earnings during law school.


Access2VLS Application Instructions for the J.D. Class Entering in 2024

After receiving a VLS scholarship decision, you may request consideration for Access2VLS grant funding:

1) Submit the College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE. List Vanderbilt Law School code 5130 and complete both the student and parent sections of the form regardless of age or marital status. Suggested filing date: February 1, well before the March 20 deadline for completing the Access2VLS Request Form on your VLS application applicant portal, and

2) Submit the Access2VLS request form on your VLS application portal (deadline March 20). To complete the form, you will need to provide information about any external scholarships or tuition benefits you expect to receive for your legal education.

*The amount of tuition-need met with loans is determined for each entering class based on the cumulative tuition-need among Access2VLS applicants in the context of total Access2VLS funds available.

** Dual-degree candidates are enrolled in the law school for only five semesters and, therefore, do not receive funding for six semesters, with the possible exception of the JD/MSF when funds are available.

*** Students whose parents are deceased may contact the Admissions Office to request a waiver of parental information.