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Cheek Business Law Scholars

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In 2019, James H. Cheek III, J.D. 1967, generously established the Cheek Business Law Scholarship and the Cheek Scholars Summer Stipends to provide financial support for deserving students participating in the Law & Business Program at Vanderbilt Law School. The Program’s robust curriculum of upper-level electives integrates research examining the theories underlying corporate, financial and tax regulations and governance with practical courses in which students learn fundamentals of accounting and finance and how to read and draft transactional documents. Approximately a third of Vanderbilt Law students fulfill the Law & Business Program's requirements to receive a certificate of specialization in Law and Business along with their J.D. degree.


Cheek Business Law Scholarship

Each year, the Law School will select at least one Cheek Business Law Scholar from among current first-year J.D. students who apply. Each Cheek Scholar shall: 


During the spring semester of 2021, the Law School will select one Cheek Business Law Scholar from among members of the current first-year Class of 2023 who apply. 

The Class of 2023 Cheek Scholar will receive an annual supplemental scholarship of $5,000 ($2, 500 per semester) that supplements scholarships already received up to full tuition, making the total award worth $10,000 over two academic years (4 semesters).

Current first-year J.D. students who wish to apply for the Cheek Business Law Scholarship must complete and submit the application form and other printed materials to the Admissions Office email by 4:00 p.m. Thursday, February 25, 2021.  A committee of Law & Business faculty members will review all applications, invite  finalists for interviews, and select Cheek Scholarship recipients from among the finalists.  


Cheek Business Law Scholars Application Materials


Cheek Scholars Summer Stipends

Each year, the Law School will provide Cheek Scholars Summer Stipends to further educational opportunities for students participating in the Law & Business Program. Cheek Summer Stipend recipients are selected from among J.D. students applying for Vanderbilt Law Summer Stipends.