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Dual Degree Programs

Vanderbilt Law School offers a range of dual-degree programs in conjunction with other graduate schools at Vanderbilt University. Prospective students must apply separately to and be admitted to each school independently, and financial aid is awarded and administered by each school separately. The exception is the Ph.D. in Law & Economics, which has a unified admission process and where students receive full fellowship support covering full tuition and stipend for both degrees, and while J.D./M.S.F. students apply for admission to each program separately, scholarship aid may be available from the law school during the semester of enrollment at the business school.


Business and Finance 

Best in the Business

Vanderbilt offers an unmatched array of opportunities to prepare for careers in corporate and business law, including  two dual degree programs, a certificate program, and academic programs in Law and Business and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.. 


Law and Business Certificate

This well-established certificate of specialization, which is a series of courses that any J.D. student can complete during their second- and third-year studies, is highly valued by legal employers. In recent years, about 25% of graduating students have completed this certificate program.


J.D. / M.S. Finance - Owen Graduate School of Management M.S.F.

  • Complete both degrees in 3 academic years (6 semesters, no summer enrollment required)
  • Scholarship aid normally available from the law school during the semester of enrollment at the business school; availability determined annually.

The Vanderbilt J.D./M.S.F. certifies advanced training and expertise that is highly valued by law firms and their business clients, but rare among graduating law students entering careers in corporate and business law. Corporate law practice requires not only a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory environment in which businesses operate, but also mastery of increasingly complex financial transactions and instruments prevalent in 21st century business and finance, and the J.D./M.S.F. provides immediate advantages in the legal employment market. 

Select Vanderbilt J.D. students can earn a master's in finance without increasing their time in school. The first two academic years (4 semesters) are completed at the law school, followed by one semester of intensive study at the Owen School, and a final (6th) semester mixing law and business courses while enrolled in the law school. Completing requirements for both degrees in three years requires careful planning and close coordination with program administrators.

Entering first-year J.D. students who were admitted to the M.S.F. program prior to enrolling will have their places at Owen reserved for their third year. Other Vanderbilt J.D. students may apply to the Owen M.S.F. program during their first or third semester at the law school, and if admitted, may complete the dual degree program without extending their time in law school beyond three academic years.  

JD/MSF allows law students to gain expertise in finance

Dual Strength: A new joint degree brings finance and law closer together.

Apply to the law school J.D. program                                   

Apply to the Owen School M.S. Finance program

Current Vanderbilt J.D. students: apply to the JD/MSF dual degree 


J.D. / M.B.A. -  Owen Graduate School of Management

Students accepted by both schools earn both degrees in four years. For more information on applying to Owen, contact the Owen School of Management's Office of Admissions via email,, or (800) 288-OWEN (6936).



J.D. / Ph.D. Law and Economics - Law & Economics Program

The dual-degree program is designed to be completed in six years. Students pursue a Ph.D. in law and economics and a J.D. concurrently in a fully integrated law and economics curriculum. Students are fully funded by a competitive package of full fellowship support covering full tuition and stipend for both degrees. 



J.D./M.D. - Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

This program allows students accepted at both schools to complete both degrees in six years. For more information, contact the law school's Admissions office at



J.D./M.Div. and J.D./M.T.S. - Vanderbilt Divinity School

Students accepted by both schools can earn the J.D./M.T.S. in four years or the J.D./M.Div. in five years. Visit Divinity School Admissions and Aid for more information. 



J.D./M.P.P. (M.P.P., Education Policy) , Peabody College

Students accepted at both schools can earn both degrees in four years. The M.P.P. is a multidisciplinary program that provides you with a scholarly and applied understanding of the public policy process as it relates to education. The coursework serves as preparation for careers in policy analysis and public service leadership for governmental and/or private institutions.


Customized Dual-Degree Programs

Students who wish to pursue a dual degree program with a graduate program with which the law school has no formal dual degree arrangements can propose a customized dual-degree program. In all cases, prospective students must seek and gain acceptance to both the law school and the other graduate program. Decisions regarding admission to the law school and the graduate program are made independently. For more information, contact the Law School Admissions Office at