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Chutian Wang, LL.M. Class of 2019, J.D. Class of 2021

Chutian WangBeijing, China

  • 2018 Legal Intern, World Bank Group International Finance Corp (July-December)
  • 2018 Legal intern, Audi Enterprise Management Co. (January-June)
  • 2017 Legal Intern, Yingke Law Firm, Beijing
  • LL.B./B.A. (economics) China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing

As a student earning a combined degree in law and economics at the prestigious China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in her home city of Beijing, Chutian Wang received merit scholarships from both the China Scholarship Council and CUPL and led the champion team in the university’s English Oral Competition. After a year of work as a legal intern with Audi China Enterprise Management Co. in Beijing and with the World Bank Group International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C., Chutian entered Vanderbilt’s LL.M. program to study U.S. corporate law.

“I met Professor Yesha Yadav and [LL.M. Program Director] Cynthia Coleman at a reception in Beijing in March 2018, and I knew Vanderbilt was where I wanted to go,” Chutian said. “Professor Yadav had also worked for the World Bank.”

Chutian wanted to pursue an LL.M. because of her interest in corporate law.  “American has the most advanced corporate law system in the world,” she said. “Many countries learn from that system, and I was interested in the comparative study.”

Her experience studying law at Vanderbilt as so positive that she transferred to Vanderbilt’s three-year J.D. program, with the goal of practicing transactional law at an international firm. “Vanderbilt’s excellent faculty and staff attracted me to stay longer,” she said.

She plans to earn Vanderbilt’s Certificate in Law and Business, having particularly enjoyed her classes in Corporations, taught by Professor Margaret Blair, and Corporate Bankruptcy, taught by Professor Yadav. “Classes here are super different from classes in China,” Chutian said, “especially the cold-calling.” Taking advice from international intellectual property expert Daniel Gervais, who teaches classes in international property law at Vanderbilt, Chutian volunteers. “Professor Gervais said, ‘Don’t let them call on you---volunteer!’” she said.

Chutian praises Vanderbilt’s law faculty as being patient, enthusiastic and helpful. While her courses at Vanderbilt are challenging, “I will be proficient in corporate law as a transactional lawyer when I graduate from Vanderbilt,” she said.

She especially touts taking law classes with American J.D. students as a learning opportunity. “We witness out well our American colleagues work!” she said.

Chutian is a professional singer and pianist, and one benefit of Vanderbilt’s location in Nashville  was its large variety of music venues.I am really a music person,” she said. “Nashville is a great place for me!”