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Manon Guédeu, LL.M. Class of 2020

Manon Guédeu, Paris, France LL.M. 2020Paris, France

  • Research Assistant, Professor Daniel Gervais, Vanderbilt Law School
  • Master 2 (High Honors), University of Strasbourg, Center for International Intellectual Property Studies
  • Master 1, Intellectual Property Law, University of Bordeaux
  • Bachelor of Law, Paris-Sud University

Manon Guédeu discovered her interest in intellectual property law during a study-abroad year at Dublin City University in Ireland while earning her Bachelor of Law. “IP law is intrinsically linked to innovation, and I knew that was the area of law I wanted to study,” she said.

While earning the second of two master’s degrees in her chosen field at the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies, Manon applied for a scholarship to Vanderbilt’s LL.M. program through a partnership between the two schools. “I always wanted to learn more about the American legal system, and the CEIPI-Vanderbilt scholarship was the opportunity for me to achieve this goal.”

Vanderbilt’s strong Intellectual Property Program, directed by Professor Daniel Gervais, an internationally renowned expert in copyright law, offered a course of strong electives that filled her year of study. “For students interested in intellectual property, I highly recommend the IP Survey class with Professor (Joseph) Fishman,” she said. “It offers a comprehensive overview of IP legislation in the U.S., illustrated with interesting cases. I liked the study of the doctrinal aspects of the material; it was helpful to apprehend the challenges intellectual property is facing today.”

Manon also took Professor Daniel Gervais’ Artificial Intelligence and Robots class, which focused on a rapidly evolving area of law. “I loved the AI and Robots class because students were encouraged to debate on what future legislation could be.” She also took Communications Law and Policies, which explored approaches to regulation in the communication sector by focusing on freedom of speech, antitrust law and competition law. To learn more about the American culture, Manon took Sports Law with Professor Daniel Werly.

During spring semester, she worked as a research assistant under the direction of Professor Gervais. “I worked on a comparative law project focusing on the difference between the European Union and American whistleblowers’ legislations,” she said.

Manon joined the Vanderbilt Intellectual Property Association, a student group that organizes presentations and networking opportunities for students interested in practicing IP law.

Outside of class, she enjoyed Nashville’s music and restaurant scenes. “I went to several concerts in beautiful venues, and the atmosphere was incredible,” she said. “I also loved the barbecue ribs and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken!”

Manon found classes taught in the Socratic method one of the most challenging but enjoyable aspects of the program. “I liked being in classes with J.D. students—as foreign students, we LL.M.s felt included in the class,” she said.

Manon plans to take the New York Bar exam and looks forward to starting a career as an intellectual property lawyer with international expertise. “My Vanderbilt LL.M. will help me in my future career,” she said. “I connected with LL.M and J.D classmates all over the world, and I now have a broad comprehension of the U.S. legal system, as well as a deep understanding of new challenges and possible future solutions related to new technologies.”