Public Interest

Pro Bono Service

Public service is at the heart of the legal profession and is an obligation of all attorneys. Most states have adopted some version of Rule 6.1 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which provides that every lawyer has a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay, and calls upon lawyers to aspire to render fifty hours of pro bono legal services each year. Vanderbilt encourages all students to engage in pro bono work during law school and to carry the habit of pro bono service with them after graduation. Pro bono activities can constitute important professional development and exposure opportunities for students.

Students can access service opportunities through student organizations or through external community organizations. Students who fulfill the pro bono pledge are recognized at graduation for their service.

Pro Bono Pledge

The Vanderbilt Law School Pro Bono Pledge is a voluntary program through which students make a commitment to dedicate a portion of their time to pro bono legal work and community service during their law school careers. The purpose of the Pledge is to recognize all students who engage in pro bono, public interest and community service activities while enrolled at Vanderbilt Law School and to encourage greater student participation in such work. Students may elect to sign the pledge at any point during their law school career but must complete 75 hours of community service work throughout their 3 years at school.

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