Artificial Intelligence at Vanderbilt Law

Artificial Intelligence at Vanderbilt Law

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Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform the legal landscape, expanding access to legal services while changing the delivery of law practice. Through scholarship, programs, and initiatives, Vanderbilt Law champions the ethical use of AI, prepares students for the future of legal practice, and partners with the legal community to develop new applications.  

Vanderbilt AI Law Lab

The Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL) harnesses AI to expand access to legal services and knowledge and improve the delivery of legal services. Its objectives include training students to navigate an AI-driven landscape, pioneering ethical applications of the technology, and forging partnerships between academia, industry, and the legal community to bring projects to life.

AI & The Law Courses

AI in Law PracticeIntellectual Property and the Arts ClinicLegal OperationsQuantum Technology: Legal and Societal Implications of the Quantum Age
AI Augmented Legal ResearchInternational Intellectual PropertyLegal Problem SolvingRobots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law
Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: Legal and Policy ImplicationsLaw of CyberspaceLegal Practice TechnologyThe Law of Data as an Asset
Data in Law PracticeLaw as a BusinessMusic and Copyright SeminarVAILL Practicum

Generative AI for Legal Services Primer

The course, created by Vanderbilt Law's Mark Williams, covers ethics and privacy, basic prompt engineering strategies for legal use cases, and how to leverage Generative AI to augment your legal expertise. A primary goal of this course is to prepare everyone for the pace of change that is taking place and to develop a mindset of continuous curiosity that will enable lawyers to adapt along with the technology.

A Legal Sci-Fi Story


Forever: A Legal Sci-Fi Story, is a “new type of fiction,” says author Daniel Gervais, Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law. The AI law expert wrote the book to teach technology law. 

Music Law and Generative AI

2024 Music Law Summit

Vanderbilt Law School hosted its inaugural Music Law Summit, with an array of scholars and industry professionals to discuss the impact of generative AI on the music industry.

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Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator

The Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator (VPA) is a Discovery Vanderbilt initiative that focuses on cutting-edge topics in political economy and regulation to swiftly bring research, education, and policy proposals from infancy to maturity.

VPA brings a focus on networks, platforms, and utilities (NPU) law, industrial policy, and public options to bear on the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence.

In a collection of policy papers and reports, VPA offers solutions to address the concentration of power in the AI industry through antimonopoly policies and measures to build public sector AI capacity.

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