Vanderbilt Law Co-Hosts the Emerging Markets Conference 2023 in Mumbai, India

The Emerging Markets Conference (EMC) 2023 – now in its 14th year – brings together leading scholars and policymakers in law and finance to debate cutting edge issues impacting market design and dynamics. Vanderbilt Law School is proud to co-sponsor the event, spearheaded by leading think-tank in India, the xKDR Forum.

The EMC Conference represents a major research event in law and finance, featuring thought leaders annually to advance the ball on critical issues like systemic stability, digital innovation in finance, climate change, financial inclusion, and many others. EMC events have long provided a forum for experts, regulators and thought leaders to deliberate major legislative milestones, including India’s reform of corporate bankruptcy, financial services, demonetization and digital identity (Aadhar card). The Vanderbilt Law team, led by the school’s Law & Business Program, is excited to work each year with xDKR head, Professor Susan Thomas, and her cutting-edge team of researchers and policy experts.

This year’s program brought together experts to deliberate on hot-button topics, including, generative artificial intelligence, climate risk, pollution’s impact on corporate governance outcomes, sanctions and financial markets, tech and banking, as well as governance of banking and privatized public services. Attending on behalf of Vanderbilt Law School were Ingrid Brunk, Matthew Shaw, and Yesha Yadav. Professor Brunk delivered a keynote talk on Central Bank Immunity, Sanctions, and Sovereign Wealth Funds, while Professor Shaw provided a comparative view on a constitutional right to education. Yesha Yadav, who serves on the program committee for the event, reflected on issues relating to AI and liability related issues.

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