15 members of the Class of 2021 complete Pro Bono Pledge

Fifteen members of the class of 2021 were recognized April 21 for completing Vanderbilt Law School’s Pro Bono Pledge, through which students commit to complete at least 75 hours of pro bono legal work and community service during their law school careers. At least 50 of those hours must be served in law-related activities and at least ten hours must be performed in Nashville. The program is administrated by the Public Interest Office.

“The Pro Bono Pledge is a voluntary program through which students commit to dedicate a portion of their time during law school to pro bono service,” said Assistant Dean for Public Interest Spring Miller, whose office administers the program. “The purpose of the Pledge is to encourage every student to begin to cultivate a commitment to public service, which is a basic tenet of the legal profession.”

Collectively, VLS students logged a total of 5,120 pro bono and community service hours during the 2020-21 academic year.

Members of the Class of 2021 who completed the Pro Bono Pledge include:

  • Cloe Anderson
  • Elona Belokon
  • Emily Slifkin
  • Eunice Lim
  • Grace Karabinus
  • Grace Ko
  • Julia Foley
  • Kira Benton
  • Kirby Ammons
  • Mikkaela Salamatin
  • Molly Mugford
  • Rachel Bondi
  • Sasha Gombar
  • Scarlett Grabowska
  • Vel Lewis

Vel Lewis was recognized for logging the highest number of pro bono hours—654—during her three years at VLS.

Eight members of the Class of 2022 have already fulfilled the Pro Bono Pledge. They include

  • Brian Ruben
  • Brooke Levy
  • Emily Burgess
  • Jackson Hill
  • Jaehee Kim
  • Miles Malbrough
  • Natalie Graves
  • Sammuel Kim

Emily Burgess ’22 and Toni Cross ‘23 were recognized for logging the most pro bono hours in their classes; Burgess has logged 561 during her first two years of law school, and Cross logged 70 hours as a 1L.

“I want to thank these students and all student who engaged in pro bono work for helping to keep a vibrant culture of service thriving here at VLS,” Miller said. “I know they will carry a spirit of service into their legal careers.”