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Pro Bono

Vanderbilt Law School provides students a diverse array of opportunities for engagement in pro bono service. Students may engage in community legal education through one of the student Legal Aid Society’s pro bono projects, or they may participate in legal clinics hosted by the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. For information about current pro bono opportunities for students, contact the Public Interest Program Coordinator.

In addition, the Vanderbilt Law School Pro Bono Pledge is a voluntary program through which students make a commitment to dedicate a portion of their time to pro bono legal work and community service during their law school careers. The purpose of the Pledge is to recognize all students who engage in pro bono, public interest and community service activities while enrolled at Vanderbilt Law School and to encourage greater student participation in such work. Students may elect to sign the pledge at any point during their law school career but must complete 75 hours of community service work throughout their three years school. Two-thirds of this time must be served in law-related activities and ten hours of the Pledge must be performed in the Nashville metropolitan area. Various student groups offer opportunities that count towards completion of the Pledge and students are additionally free to set up their own opportunities outside of those formally offered at the law school.

For more information about the pledge, please contact the Public Interest Program Coordinator.


Pro Bono Opportunities