Program on Law & Innovation

Vanderbilt AI Law Lab


The mission of the Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL) is to harness AI to expand access to legal services and knowledge and improve the delivery of legal services. Its objectives include training students to navigate an AI-driven landscape, pioneering ethical applications of the technology, and forging partnerships between academia, industry, and the legal community to bring projects to life.

VAILL plans to build coursework focused on both applications within the law and technological skill-building, with help from thought leaders across Vanderbilt, including Jules White, Associate Dean for Strategic Learning Programs and Associate Professor of Computer Science, as well as off-campus partners like John Nay, a Visiting Scholar at Vanderbilt and a Fellow at CodeX, The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.

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PoLI Institute

The PoLI Institute

The PoLI Institute represents a natural evolution of Vanderbilt Law's Program on Law & Innovation (PoLI), launched in 2015 under the leadership and vision of Dean Chris Guthrie. PoLI's mission is to equip Vanderbilt students with the modern skills and tools to navigate an ever-rapidly changing legal landscape — and position them to lead this change.

With the PoLI Institute, we're expanding the scope of the PoLI curriculum and bringing it to practicing legal professionals.

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