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Grade Policy


Grades are due 30 days after the end of the exam period and are made available to students as soon as possible thereafter. Students are graded on the grading scale below:

  • A+ 4.3
  • A 4.0
  • A- 3.7
  • B+ 3.3
  • B 3.0
  • B- 2.7
  • C+ 2.3
  • C 2.0
  • C- 1.7
  • D+ 1.3
  • D 1.0
  • D- 0.7

Students may access their academic records through YES. The site may also be accessed through the Law School intranet Quick Links. The VUnetID and e-password are necessary to access student information.

Vanderbilt Law School does not rank its students.

Anonymous Grading of Examinations

Anonymous grading is accomplished by a carefully planned system in which each student receives a randomly-assigned identification number for each exam. Students are not personally identified until the professor reports the grades of the written examination. Any adjustments to the exam grades, for class performance or other reasons, are made separately. Students may obtain the exam grade from the Academic Life Office. Final grades are posted in YES .


Re-grading and Final Grade Review

Re-grading and re-examination are not accepted practices in the Law School. Such measures would be in serious conflict with the anonymous grading system and are not regarded as appropriate methods to administer a fair, uniform, unbiased grading system. Accordingly, grade changes are made only in the event of a clerical error.