Frontiers in Law and Economics (FILE) 2023 Conference

March 31-April 1, 2023
Organizers: Professors Joni Hersch and W. Kip Viscusi

Previous Seminars

  • Professor Justin Gallagher

    Associate Professor
    Montana State University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

    Topic: “Retrospective Voting and Natural Disasters that Cause No Damage: Accounting for the Selective Reporting of Weather Damage”

  • Professor Justin R. Sydnor

    Professor of Risk and Insurance
    The University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Business

    Topic: “The Impact of Consequence Information on Insurance Choice”

  • Erin Meyers

    Law Clerk
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

    Topic: "Non-Conviction Arrests and Labor Market Outcomes"

  • Professor Alessandro Melcarne

    Professor of Economics
    Université Paris Nanterre

    Topic: “Justice Delayed is Growth Denied: Evidence from a Comparative Perspective”

  • Professor Alma Cohen and Professor Oren Bar-Gill

    Topic: "How to Communicate the Nudge: A Real-World Policy Experiment"

    Professor Alma Cohen

    Professor of Empirical Practice
    Traphagen Senior Fellow of Law and Economics

    Professor Oren Bar-Gill

    William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law and Economics
    Harvard Law School

  • Professor Benjamin J. McMichael

    Associate Professor of Law
    The University of Alabama Law School

    Topic: "Inequitable Organ Allocation"

  • Professor Elissa Philip Gentry

    Assistant Professor
    Florida State University Law School

    Topic: "Strategic Submissions: A Cross-Country Analysis of Supplemental Drug Approvals"

  • Professor Blair Druhan Bullock

    Assistant Professor
    The University of Arkansas School of Law

    Topic: "Frivolous Floodgate Fears"

  • Rachel E. Dalafave

    J.D./Ph.D. Candidate in Law and Economics
    Vanderbilt University

    Topic: "Lifesaving Policies: Outcomes, Spillover Effects, and How to Address Them"

  • Professor Jacob P. Byl

    Associate Professor of Economics
    Western Kentucky University, Department of Economics

    Topic: "Stated and Revealed Preferences for the Conservation of Species"

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