Ph.D. Student Profiles

Ph.D. Student Profiles

phd Student Profiles

Current Students


  • Jennifer Bennett Shinall (JD/PhD '12)

    Jennifer Bennett Shinall (JD/PhD '12)

    Professor of Law; Vanderbilt Law School

    Member, Order of the Coif
    Senior Articles Editor, Vanderbilt Law Review, 2009-2010
    Staff, Vanderbilt Law Review, 2008-2009
    Judicial Clerk, Judge John Tinder, U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, 2012-2013
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Law and Economics, Vanderbilt Law School, 2013-2014

    • A.B., Economics and History, Harvard University, 2006
  • Jinghui Lim (JD/PhD '13)

    Jinghui Lim (JD/PhD '13)

    Senior Research Economist; Ministry of National Development; Singapore

  • Caroline Cecot (JD/PhD '14)

    Caroline Cecot (JD/PhD '14)

    Associate Professor of Law; Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

  • Blair Druhan Bullock (JD/PhD '15)

    Blair Druhan Bullock (JD/PhD '15)

    Assistant Professor of Law; University of Arkansas School of Law

  • Jacob P. Byl (JD/PhD '15)

    Jacob P. Byl (JD/PhD '15)

    Assistant Professor of Economics; Western Kentucky University

  • Benjamin J. McMichael (JD/PhD '15)

    Benjamin J. McMichael (JD/PhD '15)

    Associate Professor of Law; University of Alabama School of Law

  •  Samuel M. Miller (JD/PhD '15)

    Samuel M. Miller (JD/PhD '15)

    Immigration Law Attorney; Miller Immigration Law LLP

  • Elissa Philip Gentry (JD/PhD '16)

    Elissa Philip Gentry (JD/PhD '16)

    Assistant Professor of Law; Florida State University College of Law

  • Henri Rautonen (JD/PhD '16)

    Henri Rautonen (JD/PhD '16)

    Group Director, Head of Pricing; Rubix; Finland

  •  Jean Y. Xiao (JD/PhD '17)

    Jean Y. Xiao (JD/PhD '17)

    Senior Financial Institution Policy Analyst; Federal Reserve Board

  •  Scott DeAngelis (JD/PhD '18)

    Scott DeAngelis (JD/PhD '18)

    Attorney Advisor; U.S. Department of Justice

  • Danielle Drago Drory (JD/PhD '18)

    Danielle Drago Drory (JD/PhD '18)

    Attorney Advisor; U.S. Department of Justice

  •  Hannah J. Frank (JD/PhD '19)

    Hannah J. Frank (JD/PhD '19)

    Assistant Public Defender; Felony Trial Division; Harris County Public Defender's Office

  • Clayton J. Masterman (JD/PhD '19)

    Clayton J. Masterman (JD/PhD '19)

    Associate Professor of Law; The University at Buffalo School of Law

  • Nick Marquiss (JD/PhD '21)

    Nick Marquiss (JD/PhD '21)

    Associate; Perkins Coie LLP

  • Erin E. Meyers (JD/PhD '21)

    Erin E. Meyers (JD/PhD '21)

    Assistant Professor of Law; Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University

  • Rachel E. Dalafave (JD/PhD '22)

    Rachel E. Dalafave (JD/PhD '22)

    Associate; Perkins Coie LLP

  • Caroline E. (Carlie) Malone (JD/PhD '22)

    Caroline E. (Carlie) Malone (JD/PhD '22)

    Associate; King & Spalding

  • Scott B. Jeffrey (JD/PhD '23)

    Scott B. Jeffrey (JD/PhD '23)

    Senior Economic Policy Advisor; Division of Labor Standards and Statistics; Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

  • Zachary Sturman (JD/PhD '23)

    Zachary Sturman (JD/PhD '23)

    Assistant Professor of Health Economics and Policy; Peter O’Donnell Jr. School of Public Health at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

  • Fernando Mendoza Lopez (JD/PhD '24)

    Fernando Mendoza Lopez (JD/PhD '24)

  • John C. Roberts (JD/PhD '24)

    John C. Roberts (JD/PhD '24)

    Judicial Clerk; Judge Lynne T. Ingram; Davidson County, Tennessee; Eighth Circuit

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