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Our Mission is to facilitate learning and support the success and wellbeing of every student by developing a culture of accountability, responsibility, inclusion, and respect for our colleagues and ourselves.

Our Vision is to send the happiest, healthiest, and most professional law students out into the world to lead and transform the legal profession. 


Support to Student Organizations

At VLS, we have over 45 Student Organizations that put on a wide variety of events each week ranging from Blackacre social gatherings to major speaker events sponsored by the Hyatt Fund. We also provide support to student publications and managing subscription lists. The VLS Office of Student Affairs is here to assist with everything from event planning to financial management.

Diversity and Inclusion

We promote a culture of inclusive engagement through opportunities to explore our differences and each student’s unique story. The Office of Student Affairs acts as the adviser to the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council.  We work collaboratively with students to build a community that encourages respect, tolerance, and appreciation of individual differences.

Assistance to Students with Disabilities

Our office works closely with the Vanderbilt Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department to provide reasonable accommodations for students consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

International Student Life

International Student Support

We provide cultural adjustment support, immigration advising, and general programming to our international students at VLS. Our students are encouraged to use the VLS Office of Student Affairs as a resource for their needs as an international student on our campus. We also join with other campus partners to ensure our international students excel during their time at VLS.

Co-Counsel Program

We oversee the Co-Counsel Program at VLS, where incoming students are assigned to an upper class mentor. These mentors are there to smooth the transition into law school and ensure students are socially connected, informed, and prepared to be successful during their first year of law school. Each incomign student is also part of a larger circuit that holds social gatherings. 

General Counseling and Student Crisis Management

The Office of Student Affairs is the place students come if they are struggling with non-academic struggles during the course of their time at VLS. In addition to providing general counseling, the office provides referrals for medical or psychological assistance when necessary. We often serve as a central hub and coordinate with faculty and appropriate campus resources when students experience a crisis or traumatic life event.

O2 Program

The Office of Student Affairs runs the Orientation Two program (O2) at Vanderbilt Law School, which stretches orientation over the first six weeks of classes and includes a mix of optional and mandatory sessions focusing on success outside of the classroom. These sessions, in collaboration with the Co-Counsel program, are designed to reinforce Vanderbilt University's student care network, focusing on nine key areas of wellness (Intellectual, Cultural & Identity, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Financial, Vocational, and Sexual). 

Chris Meyers, Director, Student Affairs Chris Meyers

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
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Faye Johnson

Faye Johnson

Student Journals Coordinator
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Michelle Kovash

Michelle Kovash

Assistant Director of Student Affairs
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