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Student Organizations

Vanderbilt law students are active, public-minded and diverse - all qualities reflected by a wide variety of thriving student organizations at the law school. Even with little free time, most students find it worthwhile to join one or more organizations for professional advancement, personal enhancement, altruism, and networking - or simply to offer a welcome release from the demands of law study. This section provides brief descriptions of current student organizations and the names of officers to contact for more information.

The Office of Student Affairs serves as the administrative point of contact for Law School student organizations. We are located in Suite 154 of the Vanderbilt Law School Building. For more information please email Chris Meyers or call 615-322-6826 . While we cannot provide personal contact information for our student leaders, each organization can be contacted by clicking on their link below and subsequently clicking on the envelope image next to the name of their Primary Contact.

Student Organization Resources |  Funding Requests | Org. Finance Forms | Starting a New Student Organization

Academic/Practice Areas

Cork & Tap Society
Criminal Law Association
Energy and Environmental Law Society
Entertainment & Sports Law Society
Health Law Society
Immigration Law Society
Intellectual Property Association
International Law Society
Investment and Securities Club
Labor & Employment Law Society
Law & Business Society
Space Law Society


Vanderbilt Bar Association
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council 
Honor Council


American Constitution Society
Federalist Society
If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Law Students for Social Justice
Law Students for Veterans Affairs
Legal Aid Society and Public Interest Stipend Fund
People's Parity Project
Street Law
Voting Rights & Advocacy Society
Vanderbilt Law Students for Life

Co-Counsel Circuits

First Circuit
Second Circuit
Third Circuit
Fourth Circuit
Fifth Circuit
Sixth Circuit
Seventh Circuit
Eighth Circuit


Mock Trial Board
Moot Court Board


Asian-Pacific American Law Student Association
Black Law Students Association
Jewish Law Students Association
La Alianza
Middle Eastern Law Student Association
Opening Statement: Vanderbilt First Generation Lawyers
South Asian Law Students Association
Women Law Students Association
Older Wiser Law Students (OWLS)


Environmental Law & Policy Annual Review
Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law
Journal of Transnational Law
Social Justice Reporter

Vanderbilt Law Review

Special Interest

Film Club 
Golf Club
J.O.G. (Jurists on the Go)
Soccer Club
Phi Delta Phi
Public Interest Auction
Transfer Students Association



Student Organization Resources

Make a Room Reservation

Student Organization Handbook

Student Travel

Check Room Availability

Anchor Link



Funding Requests

VBA Funding

VBA funding is allocated in three ways: Initial budget request, appeals process, and supplemental funding. 

The initial budget request is conducted over the summer before each academic year. All student organizations wishing to obtain funding from the VBA must participate. You will be asked for cost estimates such as food, posters, parking, and any other relevant expenses. If you don't know how much items will cost, feel free to contact vendors directly.

After the initial budget process is complete, information about the appeals process will become available. Appeals are only intended to correct clerical errors.

Supplemental Funding is available to any student organization that has submitted an initial budget request, as well as new student organizations that are created during the current academic year. This process is designed to increase the efficiency of the budget process, conserve limited resources, and allow for organizational growth throughout the academic year. Once you decide to hold a meeting or event, submit the relevant form to the VBA treasurer.

All VBA budget information can be found on the Student Organization page in Microsoft Teams.

AcFee Funding

Each spring, the seven AcFee committees allocate nearly $1.7 million in activity fee funding to every eligible student organization. All student organizations are split into six subcategories: Arts, Cultural, Programming, Religious, Service, and Special Interests (2). Make sure you are registered as an Anchor Link officer to keep up with all the updates during the process. This process generally takes place during February and March during which funding is allocated for the next academic year.

Updated information on AcFee can be found here.


Student Organization Finance Forms

Payment/Purchasing Quick Guide

Payment Request Form

Purchase Request Form

Catering Request Form

Hotel Request Form

OneCard Request Form

Tax Exempt Form

Balance Sheet Template

OneCard Availability Calendar


Starting a New Student Organization


You want to start a new organization - Great! Follow the steps below and get in touch with Chris Meyers if you have questions at any point during the process.

Step One: Gauge Interest, Choose a Name and Register with the Law School Office of Student Affairs

  • The deadline for starting a new law school organization is July 15th (preceding the organization's first active academic year). This is primarily because VBA budget requests, officer training, room reservation system updates, listerv updates, etc. all happen over the summer. The budget center creation process can also take a significant amount of time.
  • Students are encouraged to gather interest and come up with programming ideas throughout the year before registering. Organization registration opens up in March immediately following spring break.
  • Review the current list of student organizations. New organizations that appear to be very similar to or subsets of an existing organization will not be approved by the Law School Office of Student Affairs.
  • Hold a preliminary meeting to elect officers and a membership list (all new organizations must have at least 5 members, including a president, treasurer, and 1 faculty adviser).
  • Write a constitution that sets forth the mission, guidelines, and officer positions for the organization.
  • Submit the constitution, preliminary roster, officers, and organization name to the Law School Office of Student Affairs for approval.​

Step Two: Register with Vanderbilt University (once approved by the Law School Office of Student Affairs)
Once your organization is approved by the Office of Student Affairs, you will receive a link to your organization's Anchor Link page. You will then need to go to that page and click Register. Please review the list below for the materials you will need in order to complete the registration process.

Items you will need to complete the Student Organization Registration Process:

1. Name, Vanderbilt Email Address, Cell Phone Number, and VUnetID for the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary;

2. Name, Vanderbilt Email Address and Campus Phone Number for the Faculty or Staff Adviser (you will temporarily use the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs as your adviser);

3. Electronic Version of the Organization’s Constitution to upload;

4. Electronic Version of the Officer and Adviser Affirmation Form. You will need to print the form, and have it signed by the President and Adviser(s). The Form will then need to be scanned (can be done in Suite 154) and uploaded as a part of the registration process;

5. Electronic profile picture;

6. email addresses for all members either separated by commas or entered one address per line.

When your organization registration is approved, you will receive an email within the system. You will also receive an email at your email address if you have “All Notifications” selected on the “Notifications” tab of your profile. This is also how you will receive notification if there is any information missing from your registration. Please be on the lookout for these notifications.

Step Three: Submit a Budget Proposal
Submit a budget proposal to the VBA treasurer by July 15.

Comprehensive information on budget and supplemental requests can be found above.