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Faculty Scholarship & Impact

The Criminal Justice Program’s faculty is ranked among the best in the nation, including the top ten in scholarly impact, with both Christopher Slobogin and Nancy King ranked in the top twelve of all criminal law and procedure professors in the nation.

Criminal Law Faculty Scholarship

Owen Jones, "Decoding Guilty Minds: How Jurors Attribute Knowledge and Guilt," 71 Vanderbilt Law Review 241 (2018) (with 5 others)

Terry Maroney, "Emotion as a Judicial Virtue," in Aristotle on Emotions in Law and Politics (L. Huppes-Cluysenaer & N. Coehlo eds., 2018)

Robert Mikos, Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority (Wolters Kluwer, 2017)

Robert Mikos, "How to Make Preemption Less Palatable: State Poison Pill Legislation," 85 George Washington Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Michael Newton, The United States Department of Defense Law of War Manual: Commentary and Critique (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Michael Newton, "Reframing the Proportionality Principle," 51 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 867 (2018)

Michael Newton, "Contorting Common Article 3: Reflections on the Revised ICRC Commentary," 45 Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law 513 (2017)

Christopher Slobogin, "Principles of Risk Assessment:  Sentencing and Policing," 15 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 583-596 (2018)

Christopher Slobogin, "The Characteristics of Insanity and the Insanity Evaluation Process," 36 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 271-276 (2018).

Christopher Slobogin, "Preventive Justice:  A Paradigm in Need of Testing—The 2016 American Psychology-Law Society Distinguished Contribution Lecture," 36 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 396-410 (2018)

Christopher Slobogin, "Who Knows What, When?: A Survey of Privacy Policies Proffered by U.S. Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Companies," 15 Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy 35-66 (2018) (with James Hazel)

Christopher Slobogin, "Is It Time for a Universal Genetic Forensic Database?," 362 Science 898-900 (2018) (with James Hazel, Ellen Clayton & Brad Malin)

Christopher Slobogin, "Algorithmic Risk Assessments and the Double-Edged Sword of Youth," 96 Washington University Law Review 1-26 (2018) (with Megan Stevenson).  A longer version appears at 36 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 636-656 (2018).

Faculty Scholarly Presentations

September 5: Christopher Slobogin, "Policing and the Cloud: Five Regulatory Categories," University of Georgia Law School, Athens, Georgia

October 9: Christopher Slobogin, Panel, “Crime and Punishment: Mass Incarceration,” Vanderbilt Sarratt Student Center

October 11: Christopher Slobogin, "The Golden State Killer and DNA: The Case for a Universal Forensic Database," University of Florida Law School, Gainesville, Florida

October 11: Christopher Slobogin, Keynote, Poucher Lecture, “DNA and Privacy,” Univ. Florida Law School

October 23: Christopher Slobogin, "Risk-Based Sentencing," Judicial Conference, George Mason Law School, Arlington, Virginia

October 26-27: Christopher Slobogin, Criminal Justice Roundtable, convenor and commentator on Deborah Denno, “How Courts Respond to Childhood Trauma in Criminal Cases,” Vanderbilt

October 29: Christopher Slobogin, Panel, “Supreme Court Preview,” Vanderbilt

November 17: Christopher Slobogin, "Big Data Secrecy in Criminal Cases," NYU Law School, New York

November 29: Christopher Slobogin, "Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System," ABA Webinar

December 14: Christopher Slobogin, Keynote talk, “Big Data and the Government: Implications for Individuals and Businesses,” 9th Emerging Markets Finance Conference, Mumbai, India

Media Commentary

Vox: What does Michael Cohen’s plea deal mean for Trump? I asked 13 legal experts. - August 22, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin , Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law, is quoted. Slobogin also was quoted in this Telegraph piece about the viability of impeaching President Trump.

The Guardian: Trump’s ‘good person’ defence could affect jurors in Manafort trial - August 20, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin

Opinion: Tennessean: Billy Irick should not be executed - August 8, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin

The Tennessean: Prosecutors are fighting new Tennessee guideline on sharing evidence that helps defendants - July 23, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin

BBC: Do long prison sentences deter crime? - May 16, 2018 -  Christopher Slobogin

Wall Street Journal: Lawyer’s office is unusual target for federal agents - April 10, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin

The Wall Street Journal: States consider laws allowing courts to take guns from dangerous people - March 2, 2018 -  Christopher Slobogin

The Washington Post: The Health 202: Here’s one reason the Florida shooter wasn’t blocked from getting a gun - February 23, 2018 - Christopher Slobogin

ABC News: What’s next in the Mueller investigation into Russian interference - October 31, 2017 - Christopher Slobogin

Mashable: Google Clips is a camera that snaps its own pics, but some have privacy concerns - October 10, 2017 - Christopher Slobogin

The New York Times Magazine: When ‘Not Guilty’ is a Life Sentence - September 27, 2017 - Christopher Slobogin

Popular Science: Your DNA probably didn’t make you do it - September 19, 2017 -  Christopher Slobogin

CNBC: I asked 12 legal experts if the latest Trump-Russia news showed obstruction of justice - August 3, 2017 -  Christopher Slobogin

Vox: I asked 6 legal experts if Trump obstructed justice. Here’s what they told me. - June 7, 2017 - Christopher Slobogin

The Telegraph (U.K.): What happens if Donald Trump is impeached and who would be the next president? - May 22, 2017 - Christopher Slobogin

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