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Ph.D. in Law & Economics

Ph.D. Program in Law & Economics Requirements

Students admitted to the Ph.D. in Law & Economics program are required to successfully complete 72 hours of coursework and research. This includes a minimum of 45 hours of formal coursework in core, field, and elective courses and 6 hours of Ph.D. Law and Economics Workshop.

The core consists of 29 hours in law and economics, economic theory, and empirical analysis. After their first year of study, students select two fields of concentration from a pre-approved list of fields and begin taking the associated field courses. Currently, the list of identified fields includes behavioral law and economics, risk and environmental regulation, and labor and human resources.

Field requirements include 12 hours of coursework (6 hours in each field). In some circumstances, and with the consent of the director of graduate studies and program faculty, students are allowed to develop a new field. Years 3 and 4 are devoted to completing field requirements, taking additional electives and performing Ph.D. dissertation research (up to 19 credit hours for dissertation).

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