Program Requirements

Students in good standing at, or graduates of, ABA-accredited U.S. law schools and students in, or graduates of, European law schools are eligible for admission. Vanderbilt staff works closely with each student to ensure seamless enrollment and credit transfer to home institutions.

Enrollment is limited to 45 students.

Applicants must submit the following with the completed application:

  • Certified copy of current law school transcript
  • Letter from the Dean of current law school indicating good standing and authorizing attendance in the program
  • Signed release form
  • Application fee: $75

Program Costs

The University Financial Aid Office uses the following figures to determine the maximum loan amount available to qualified student-borrowers attending the program. With the exception of tuition and fees, these figures are estimates. Students are responsible for their housing, transportation, and other personal expenses, and these figures represent a total amount that would comfortably allow any student to pay tuition and personal expenses while attending the program.

After tuition and fees, the expenses each student incurs will vary to some extent. For example, housing expenses can vary widely due to location, roommates, amenities and the timing of the reservation. Although the figures below provide some guidance for a total "budget" that would comfortably allow any student to attend, there are many opportunities for each student to keep their total personal expenses substantially below the estimated amount. Admitted applicants are offered specific information helpful to controlling personal expenses and limiting borrowing during the program.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Projected Tuition and fees$6,200
Program Deposit$200
Books and supplies$250
Total estimated cost of attendance$11,600

Housing and Transportation

Students arrange for their own housing in Venice. For help making housing arrangements, please contact the program coordinator by email at for information on renting apartments in Venice as well as contacts with local realtors who can assist you. We will also provide you with contact information for students seeking roommates and for students who have participated in the past.

Deadlines & Dates

  • Application Deadline

    April 15

  • Tuition Billed

    May 1

  • Final Payment Due

    May 31

Refunds and Withdrawals

April 1: Deadline to request a partial refund of deposits. $100 of program deposit will be refunded only if written notice of withdrawal is received before the close of business on April 1.

May 15: Deadline to request partial refund (up to a maximum of the full amount less $300) of tuition and other charges if a serious medical condition makes attendance impossible.

Written request must be received prior to close of business on May 15. The maximum refund will be reduced by an amount equal to any unavoidable losses or costs.

Have Questions?

Please email us at the link below.