Vanderbilt Law Faculty Expertise and Commentary on Recent SCOTUS Rulings

As the Supreme Court handed down a series of significant decisions over the last month, Vanderbilt Law faculty insights were featured across several platforms and a Court opinion.

Lisa Bressman’s research was cited by Justice Barrett in her concurring opinion in Biden v. Nebraska (page 40).

Brian Fitzpatrick opined on the future of university admissions in the wake of the Court’s affirmative action decision in the Wall Street Journal. He was also featured on The Hill’s coverage of the ruling, as well as NBC.

Joni Hersch wrote an opinion on The Hill and spoke to CNN and Fortune about the impact that the Court’s decision on affirmative action will have on the college-to-career pipeline.

Francesca Procaccini co-authored an opinion in the LA Times connecting Judicial Overreach to Congressional Under-reach.

Terry Maroney discussed Justice Jackson’s role in her first terms on the bench with Reuters.

Jessica Clarke participated in UC-Irvine’s 13th Annual Supreme Court Review.

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